Activity Report Vol.42: AMA Highlights Right Before the Release of the Official Otaku Coin App

Thank you for the questions!

We have been using the question box, which is an AMA plugin, for a while on Twitter. Thank you all for your interest and questions! Recently, it seems like we are starting to get some of the same questions over and over. So we think it would be great to make a summary of all the questions and answers in this article right before the release of the Official Otaku Coin App.

Let’s start with the most frequently asked questions!

Q: What is the release date of Otaku Coin?

A: The Official Otaku Coin App is planned to release very soon in autumn 2018. Definitely during the autumn season of anime!

Q: Will Otaku Coin be available in every country or will it be region locked?

A: We definitely want Otaku Coin to be available in every country! However, due to the regulations, we might not be able to enter some countries depending on their rules. For the best user experience, we’ll always proceed by following the rules.

Q: What are the names of those cute chibi characters on your giveaway tweets?


A: Echika-chan: A high school girl from the future. The thing on her head is not an accessory but a hi-tech gadget (usage unknown). Her kind personality of always answering questions sometimes backfires, but she always tries her best to introduce Otaku Coin!


Momo-chan: A high school girl who is super interested in Otaku Coin. She asks about everything that she wants to know or is interested in. Her bombastic personality is forgiven thanks to her curiosity. Another shortcoming is that she tends to forget things, so she always keeps asking.


Nerd: A talking calico cat who joined the team because of its Otaku Coin-ish fur pattern. Somehow its English is fluent, but not Japanese (!?). And somehow it knows a lot about Otaku Coin and the otaku industry (!?). A mysterious and arrogant cat, yet it might not actually be that smart.

We have also received a lot of questions about the Official Otaku Coin App that’s going to be released soon!

Q: Can we download it on Android?

A: Don’t worry! It will be available on both Android and iOS.

Q: Are you thinking about making the Official Otaku Coin App multi-platform or just on mobile?

A: The app that we are currently developing is only for smartphones. However, we are considering developing the wallet on other platforms, especially working with partners to create a better ecosystem.

Q: Will it be possible to watch anime within the Official Otaku Coin App?

A: For now, we are not planning to add any anime streaming feature into the Official Otaku Coin App, but there will possibly be some campaigns that will be related to watching anime on other platforms.

Q: Will we get additional coins if we invite our friends to download the Official Otaku Coin App (for example, a reference link of some sort)?

You have great intuition!!! Yes, we will have a refer-a-friend feature!

Q: Will the Official Otaku Coin App be customizable — can we set the background?

That is actually a good idea! This won’t be a feature in the first version, but we will think about this!

Q: I loved your animated presentation video. Will we get another one for how to use the Official Otaku Coin App?

Thank you for saying so! Yes, we are making one!

Next, we have also received a lot of questions regarding Otaku Coin itself.

Q: Is there an age limit when it comes to having access to Otaku Coin?

Yes. Please follow the age restriction of the Official Otaku Coin App, which will be written on the App Store or Google Play.

Q: How exactly will I receive credit points from Otaku Coin? Do I need to fully register to take part in special support?

<Before the app launches>

You may participate in the bounty events on Twitter!

<After the app launches>

Download the app, follow the guide, and you may win Otaku Coin from in-app campaigns and AirDrops! You can check this article to know more:

Q: When Otaku Coin releases, will you be able to earn it in different ways? Also will it be able to be exchanged into a different currency?

A: Yes, we are planning to steadily provide more ways to earn Otaku Coin! For your second question, exchanging Otaku Coin still under consideration. We will share updates later!

Q: Will Otaku Coin have the “Japanese Yen Exchange” feature?

A: Otaku Coin itself will not have that feature. However, there is a possibility that exchanges are going to provide this feature.

Q: Is Otaku Coin a token or cryptocurrency?

A: Otaku Coin is a token that’s based on ERC20. We like to think of it as a community currency. We are planning to hold a bounty program from September 2018 to spring 2019. All the Otaku Coin (OP) that you have earned from the bounty program will be automatically exchanged into Otaku Coin (XOC) that is on-chain when the app updates appropriately. (We are planning to make the exchange rate 1 Otaku Coin (OP) ⇨ 1 Otaku Coin (XOC). This exchange will take place around spring 2019.) For more detailed please check here:

Q: Will I be able to purchase games with Otaku Coin? And how will it work?

A: Yes, we are planning to make that a reality. Please wait for announcements regarding the precise details and partnerships!

Q: Who came up with the logo? :D

A: Hahaha, actually… Let us keep this a secret for now. However, we’re sure that the artist would be happy to hear that someone is asking xD.

Q: You previously said Otaku Coin would be an ERC20 token. Since announcing that have you looked into other newer token types that address the flaws in ERC20 tokens?

A: Yes, we are still planning to use the ERC20 token for now. As the blockchain technology is improving day by day, we are considering and looking into other new technologies and protocols that we can apply, but there isn’t an update for now.

Q: Will Otaku Coin be able to reduce the amount of websites being used to watch anime for free?

A: Yes, that is one of the aspirations of Otaku Coin. Just like the music industry, we want to make watching anime through official means an ordinary and normal thing!

Lastly here are some frequently asked questions from our overseas users!

Q: Will Otaku Coin only be obtainable through Crunchyroll?

A: We will be distributing Otaku Coin in many ways with a lot of partners! Please wait for the release of Otaku Coin! We will announce how you can get Otaku Coin by then, as well! For the very first stage, the main source of earning Otaku Coin would be participating in our in-app AirDrop and bounty events. After that, we will expand to multiple platforms; we are always willing to explore any possibility.

Q: I hope this isn’t too specific, but how many Otaku Coin would you earn per episode of anime or chapter of manga?

A: Thank you for the question! Currently, the concept of watching anime to get Otaku Coin is under consideration and preparation, so it has not been fixed yet. You may earn Otaku Coin through other ways first.

From hereon, we are going to work hard toward the release of the Official Otaku Coin App and the start of this community currency. At that time, we believe there will be a lot of questions too. Please don’t hesitate to ask us more questions through the question box!

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