Activity Report Vol.44: A Comment from Ryota Fujitsu, the Advisor of Otaku Coin

What You Wish to Be Accomplished by Otaku Coin and What You Want to Do with Otaku Coin

What is insufficient in the making of anime, and what can we anticipate from Otaku Coin which is meant to exist to fill in those spots?

We have received a comment from Ryota Fujitsu, an anime critic who’s known for his unique and sharp viewpoints on analyzing animation works, and also the advisor of Otaku Coin.

It is often asked by the fans, “what can we do for the making of anime or the anime production?” Enthusiastic fans simply want to directly convey their emotions and sympathies received through the work to something that can return to the creators. The feeling seems to be clearer now as the distance between fans and the works and the staffs has shrunk due to the popularization of social media. I would like to expect that the Otaku Coin can open up a new circuit that connects such feelings and thoughts.

Ryota Fujitsu, Anime Critic

It is grateful to have this comment from one who has the insight of anime production. Otaku Coin will be doing its best and be responsible for this anticipation!

Advisor / Anime Critic

Ryota Fujitsu

Born in 1968. Ryota Fujitsu has been working as a freelance writer since 2000, after working as a journalist for local newspapers and an editor for weekly magazines. He currently runs serial articles on Anime!Anime! and Nizista. He also writes for magazines, web articles, DVD booklets and more. He also gives “Anime wo Yomu”(“Read” anime) lectures in Asahi Culture Center Shinjuku every third Saturday.