Activity Report Vol.46: The Dreams that You Wish to be Accomplished by Otaku Coin

Every time when we see your thoughts, we feel that we have to make this project successful! There are so many dreams that we want to do with Otaku Coin.

For the 10th round of the Twitter hashtag campaign, the hashtag topic was #TweetWhatYouWishOtakuCoinCanAccomplishGetOtakuCoin. Thank you for many of your participation, we had received a lot of precious responses which we had read through everything carefully and we were touched by seeing your anticipation. It turned out to be like an amazing campfire gathering which all of us anime fans were talking about the dreams.

So we would like to go through these enlightening, encouraging, innovative, and interesting responses again with you! Also, we would like to announce the winner of the special prize at the end of this article!

Let’s take a look into some of the selected dreams wished to be accomplished by Otaku Coin.

The nature of Otaku Coin is currency, also can be seen as money, therefore using it to purchase things or making payments is definitely one of the first things that people wish to be able to do with Otaku Coin! However, it seems like what people are looking for are not just simple payments, but payments with additional value behind.

I’ve always wanted to have anime figurines but in my whole country there is no place like that for me to buy. I pray that otaku coin becomes available in my country
It’d certainly be nice if it could make purchasing merchandise easier here in the west; at the moment it’s honestly a bit of a pain, still.
i wish that OC can help me buy precious figurines that I can’t actually buy because of my location and help creators of anime/manga in their actual hard work
I wish OC will be available worldwide so a/m fans can purchase a/m related goods and support anime studios as well as mangakas.
Want otaku coin to cosplay, mangas, action figures… This things in general. The thing I want most, to be honest, is to buy wigs with it. The clothes can be DIY, but the wigs can’t :c
I wish that otaku coin can be used in different platforms related to the purchase and sale of products or services that have to do with the manga, anime and video game industry.

Wishing to show the appreciation to the creators who made these stunning works, Otaku Coin is anticipated to be able to support the creators. And this is actually the dream that Otaku Coin Association wants to accomplish in the very first stage on the road map.

What I wish Otaku Coin will accomplish is for the creators of anime to eventually not have to work so many tireless hours on making anime to the point where it isn’t healthy for the sake of their well being.
Fans could show our support
I hope that Otaku coin can let fans around the world sponsor the production of animation, so that the animations which fans like can be perfectly produced with sufficient funds.
I hope that the Anime Industry gets boosted a lot from Otaku Coin.
Especially Sunrise, so that we can get more of that giant robot goodness.
I wish that otaku coon will be able to help support those who create the entertainment that I enjoy. And to make it so that I get rewarded for watching what I like!
I hope otaku coin will be used in a specialized personal broadcasting platform.
For example, YouTube and Twitch.
I wish that Otaku Coin will allow for independent or smaller animation studios to be better economically supported, so they can create more art without living in debt.
My wish would be that this would make creators and studios aware of how large the international market is and that some preference is given to releasing more content in English. Claiming back the market lost to pirate websites. (Get rid of need for cash at big events like comiket.)
i think otaku coin will be a way for all the otaku out of here to encourage, support and interact with the creators
And that we can show appreciation to our favorite creators and that we can be able to reach them
I wish it could change the anime industry as a whole for the better
OtakuCoin will enable fans of manga, anime, and games to more easily directly support their favorite artists, authors, studios, and content providers.
Give fans of anime and manga the opportunity to support creators.
I hope Otaku Coin can accomplish being the new way to support the anime industry by fans from all over the globe.
I hope OC will become a platform where all anime/manga watchers/readers could finally show their appreciation to the a/m creators and support them.
Otaku Coin as special prize awarded to artists

“We want the next season of this work!” This is absolutely the strongest thought that all the fans commonly share. Therefore, it is wished that Otaku Coin can be used on making more awesome contents.

Gathering supportive messages from fans in all over the world and delivering them to the anime studios.
I hope Otaku Coin can revive anime franchises that deserve another season or continuation series. I’d love to see what happens after the anime endings of Durarara!!, Hajime no Ippo, or School Rumble.
Help revitalize the anime and manga industry, and get shows that cut off after one season a second season, like No Game No Life, Highschool of the Dead, and Deadman Wonderland as examples.
I think it would be amazing if @OtakuCoinEn could license more manga *cough* #BL *cough* in English. There are some phenomenal works out there that I wish were licensed in English so we
I hope Otaku Coin can be used to create seasons for anime that weren’t finished like Story of Saiunkoku, Zatch Bell, Saint Seiya Lost Canvas.
I wish OtakuCoin will make it a reality for creators to be able to create what they want to create without having to have so many restrictions. To be a platform that’s really the bridge for the west and east anime communities.
it would be cool if more good manga and light novels would actually get their own anime. It would also be cool if animes that need another season get another season, like Date a Live or Testament of Sister New Devil.
I hope the Otaku Coin will be able to help anime developers produce more unique and fun animes for us Otakus :)
Otaku Coin gives freedom. I mean, any creator of anime or manga will be able, without worries for editorial refusals, to get support from fans. And fans in return, will be able to develop new and new types of anime creativity!

Having more people around the world to know about the wonderfulness and beauty of anime, expanding the otaku community, spreading Japanese anime worldwide just like Disney, in-short, a dream to make the otaku community bigger. This is the dream of creators, anime studios, fans, and Otaku Coin Association. Having people from different countries and backgrounds gathering just because of anime, it feels exciting just by imagination!

It would be amazing if us Otakus began to be more connected to each other through Otaku Coin!
I wish that Otaku Coin makes the anime community a better place and more connected, to put it simply.
i wish otaku coin would keep getting popular and that the anime community would be more accepted and that it would encourage more people to be a part of the community
Expand the anime all over the world and make it even more popular
This sounds awesome! I just learned about @OtakuCoinEn and I really like the idea that we can truly support the culture that we love so much!
I wish OtakuCoin to grow to the point otakus of every single part of the world can help the whole industry that make us so happy and then share it to other people then that people also become one of us 
Well, I really hope the Otaku Coin can help out the anime industry as anime is becoming more mainstream throughout time. I’m sure that it’ll be a great success!!!
It would be amazing if Otaku Coin was able to unite people who aren’t interested in anime or manga with those that are. A stronger community of anime or manga fans would be wonderful :)
i hope that Otaku coin will be a strong platform that unites those who have a passion for the anime industries and help others who aren’t so interested find a passion for it as well. ;)
I hope that Otaku Coin can prosper the and anime,manga&entertainment communities by providing them a medium where they can enjoy and be themselves without the fear of financial issues. I’m optimistic and keen about OC. GL&HAND
I hope this will influence other people to give anime a try and understand why we love it so much
I wish everyone to know the currency so that everyone can enjoy its benefits. besides being able to support the new studios
What I wish is that Otaku Coin will enable us to finally connect with creators and otaku

Lastly, here are some of the ideas on reforming the platform or industry! A paradigm shift is needed in this anime industry. And we believe that Otaku Coin can do it!

I think OtakuCoin can help the anime, manga and video game community find the special products they want in a more controlled, easier to use and understand market with a bigger reach than one could find in other places.
I wish it will create a platform that will eliminate the issues with the different currency issues,exchanges,eliminates the middleman.Also this platform would give the fans the ability to support the studios via…
I hope that the otaku platform will be used in animation hub, marketplaces, and otaku community. In addition, I would like p2p transmission compensation and data exchange which can pay Otaku Coin.
I wish for Otaku Coin to be a company that will actually involve itself within its own community as well as changing the norms of today’s world. I also believe in what Steve Jobs said how he would rather hire a lazy person.
Related companies and worldwide otaku communities. I really hope that the project succeeds, because you guys deserve it.

And about this response, I love it! You are totally right!

Im hoping Otaku Coin can one day transport us into another world because we need more Isekai…

Finally, it is extremely hard to choose the winners because all the comments are amazingly great, yet we still have to make a decision… so about the special prize (1000 XOC), it goes to…

Congratulations! We will contact you through Twitter’s direct message.

In the following, there will be more campaigns, so don’t worry, there will definitely be a chance to win Otaku Coin!

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