Activity Report Vol.48: OCA’s Technology Evangelist, Sintaro Sasahara, Introduces Otaku Coin at a Blockchain Event!

An article from Sasahara introducing himself and telling us more about the blockchain event!

Sasahara Sintaro, Enbowl Inc.

Hello everyone, this is Sasahara from Enbowl Inc.

I am currently running the blockchain project matching service, CryptoBowl, while being the evangelist of Otaku Coin.

What I do as an evangelist is that I share the information and developments in progress of Otaku Coin in the workshop or seminar that I hold to let more people know how we can combine Japanese culture with blockchain.

The following is a picture of me giving a presentation about Otaku Coin during the seminar that was held on Sep. 20. ( )

What the event looked like

What the event looked like

What I talked about were the aspirations, current plan, and vision of Otaku Coin, addressing the essential things that people need to know.

Otaku Coin itself doesn’t really participate in offline events, so we always get a lot of passionate reactions and questions after the presentation. Having positive feedback means that we also get negative feedback, but one thing that’s for sure is that people are anticipating Otaku Coin and have their attention on it.

Otaku Coin is aiming to create a world that can let fans support creators and any interesting idea in the anime, manga, and game industries by using blockchain.

There will definitely be many obstacles in the path of reaching that goal, but I truly believe that Otaku Coin can make it come true.

Otaku Coin’s value will be created initially by the users.

So thank you as always and please continue to support us.

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