Activity Report Vol. 51: Spreading the attraction of Anime Studios to people all over the world!

Conveying the pride of animation to the world through the power of globalization!

What’s it really like at animation studios that create Japanese anime? And what kind of feelings are put into those works? These are the questions anime fans all over the world want to know. The interview project “Anime Site Collaboration Project: Anime Production Studios Gaining Global Attention and Paving the Way to the Future” seeks to answer these questions straight from anime studios themselves, and fans all over the world are taking notice. At the same time, overseas otaku media covering the project are increasing one after another, with the newest additions being ACGer, Hong Kong’s biggest otaku media, and Australia’s AnimeLab!

Below, we introduce the otaku media currently participating including those who have newly joined (in alphabetical order).

・AnimeAnime (Japan):

A news media that handles Japanese entertainment news in general. They have the latest news before anyone else with more detailed information than anyone else. If you want to be the first in the know, AnimeAnime is your go-to source!

・ACGer (Hong Kong):

Using an original writing style, ACGer grasps the hearts of Chinese-speaking fans with objectivity through original articles and impressions on the latest information from Japan. They also have a popular Facebook page where posts quickly reach over 500 likes.

・Akibatan (Thailand):

Thailand’s biggest otaku news site that is so well liked that when asked Thai tourists visiting otaku hot spots in Japan such as Akihabara and Ikebukuro will credit the site’s information for their visit. Akibatan delivers news to Thai fans from a unique point of view, with editors writing from their own perspectives and not relying on others’ opinions.

・Anime Click (Italy):

Anime Click is packed with information that would be hard to get even in Japan, so much so that wonder abounds as to how they obtain it! It’s a place where no piece of Japan-American entertainment news slips through the cracks. They also have a community where users can interact as well as a place where fans can discuss the things they love — both big reasons for their constant popularity.

・AnimeLab (Australia, New Zealand):

AnimeLab is a place to watch anime online that has been around since long before the birth of Netflix and Crunchyroll. The site supports all popular devices including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast, and PlayStation. Currently, the site can only be viewed in Australia and New Zealand, but there is no doubt that if it were to go global in the future it would be explosive news.

・Bahamut (Taiwan):

Taiwan’s biggest otaku news site! Bahamut has a long history and launched in 1996, the dawn of the internet age. Centered on users in Chinese-speaking countries, the site’s users span a wide age range due to its long history, and calling it the premier otaku media site for Chinese-speaking countries would not be an exaggeration.

・Honey’s Anime (US):

If you’re an anime fan in an English-speaking country, you’ve no doubt heard about or use this news site! Featuring tremendous fan support and fan-written anime reviews, its number one feature is being a place for fans to interact that uses the common language of anime to surpass country borders. It’s a place where fans can make their passion seen and get closer than ever to fellow fans!

・Jurnal Otaku (Indonesia):

Though it covers Japanese otaku news in general, Jurnal Otaku is best known for its anime reviews. Reviews of the latest anime are quickly posted, and it delivers the latest news to fans without any lag due to time differences. Jurnal Otaku also features exclusive interviews, and it’s on a mission to accurately deliver to readers the information they most want to know.

・Sumikai (Germany):

Sumikai is a site that covers all the latest international news so much so that it can be called a global news source. Not stopping at just entertainment news, Sumikai also has full coverage of the latest information from a number of other industries. Anything you want to know about you can find here. They also post articles introducing aspects of Japanese culture seen from the perspective of a foreigner.

・TOM News (US):

Tokyo Otaku Mode News managed by Otaku Coin Association member Tokyo Otaku Mode delivers the latest otaku culture news to overseas fans. TOM News is the place to be for everything fans want to know, from small everyday topics making a buzz to the latest in the realm of otaku culture. Along with original articles that are only possible due to being based in Japan, TOM News delivers content that English-speaking fans can’t take their eyes off of!

Through the Official Otaku Coin App set to launch in winter 2018, the Otaku Coin Association will implement a way for fans to contribute to the Anime Site Collaboration Project! By using the app, fans all over the world will be able to send messages of support and gratitude to anime studios. From these, messages will be selected to be translated into Japanese and delivered to the studios in the form of posters.

Messages of support were delivered to Kamikaze Douga as the first part of the interview project!

Fans’ voices have been delivered to Kamikaze Douga, whom we interviewed as the first part of this project! As seen by the smiles in the photo, creators are delighted by this project which turns support from all over the world that creators don’t normally get to see or hear into posters.

The Official Otaku Coin App will be released soon. Download it and join in on supporting your favorite anime studios!

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