Activity Report Vol. 77: Anime Site Collaboration Project Vol. 12: Interview with Orange!

The studio that shocked the world with their high quality CGI anime

Though CGI animations are still few in Japan, the 2017 Japanese anime Land of the Lustrous shocked the world.

An anime featuring fantasy action overflowing with liveliness, Land of the Lustrous doesn’t just utilize CGI technology, it also uses themes like “humanity” and “pure heart” to capture the hearts of people around the world who sympathize with the characters. Though they may be beautiful jewels, the characters are extremely fragile and delicate, and the more the story progresses, the more it makes you think about “human weakness” in a way that can’t be put into words.

As studio CEO Eiji Inomoto explains, to be able to produce this kind of outstanding work, whether or not it has good use of CGI technology is important, of course, but what is also important is the interaction between creators responsible for different sections, and thinking deeply about what viewers want. The trick to a good anime is having CGI animators, modelers, colorists, and others all working their hardest together in the same space, and improving technology and soul. We may be in a time when fans still haven’t grown accustomed to CGI animation, but when it comes to Orange there is no doubt that from here on they will capture people’s hearts again and again with their high quality CGI.


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