Activity Report Vol. 83: Bringing support all the way from Tohoku! We welcome Tohoku Zunko-chan to Otaku Coin!

She’s different from other moe characters!

After the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011, people in the affected areas are still carrying the burden in their hearts. The Tohoku region was heavily damaged in the quake, so to become a force of positivity and support for Tohoku, Zunko-chan was born! Zunko-chan is involved in a number of activities as a vocaloid to help gain more awareness and support for Tohoku’s recovery. Her name “Zunko” comes from zundamochi, a delicious Tohoku specialty!

Now, SSS Co., Ltd., the company that produces Tohoku Zunko, will be joining Otaku Coin as a planning partner! We’ve also made a short video announcing Zunko-chan as a new partner, which you can check out below!!

Tohoku Zunko-chan joins Otaku Coin!