Activity Report Vol. 84:We Turned Everyone’s Support Messages Into A Poster And Booklet, And Delive

Support messages from over 30 countries tightly condensed onto a poster and booklet!

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May 16, 2019 · 4 min read

Showing respect to anime creators. Wanting to deliver love to anime studios in Japan. Within the hearts of countless anime fans in Japan and abroad, what we all have in common as otaku is the feeling of wanting to convey that love. It’s that very feeling that Otaku Coin was founded on, and more that just talk, we must deliver on it. After all, the mission of Otaku Coin is to connect anime creators and fans.

Since the creation of the Otaku Coin Official App, we have received countless support messages from around the world every day. Messages from many different countries, and in many different languages, but all expressing pure feelings with their words. Upon seeing those feelings, we can’t help but recognize the magnificence of the world connected together by anime. We truly believe in creating a community with no walls between creators and fans. A community for everyone regardless of race, gender, beliefs, or national borders.

The Otaku Coin Association, together with Otaku Coin partners Anime!Anime! and Tokyo Otaku Mode, is conducting an ongoing collaborative interview project called “Anime Production Studios Gaining Global Attention and Paving the Way to the Future” that has been ongoing since summer 2018, and is also carrying out a project to directly deliver to studios posters printed with messages of support from fans sent through the Otaku Coin Official App.

This time, we delivered a poster and booklet to Sunrise, a studio with over 40 years of history that continues to constantly excite fans around the world with their groundbreaking series, starting with *Gundam*.

The name Sunrise is legendary among fans and has become synonymous with *Gundam*.

*Gundam* is not a simple battle between good and evil but a profoundly expressed story about life and death, and the different sides to human emotions, and for that it has a firm hold of our hearts. Also, Sunrise doesn’t stop at just robot and mecha series, they are a multifaceted studio that also creates the charming shoujo high school idol series *Love Live!*. During out time at Sunrise, producer Ogata shared with us his burning thoughts on wanting to spread to the world Sunrise’s works through a variety of means in order to intimately connect with overseas fans and have them experience the charms of their works.

There is more to come from this interview project that so far includes Bones, Polygon Pictures, and many other anime studios. Of course, it will continue alongside the project to deliver posters and booklets to anime studios, as well! Use the Otaku Coin Official App to support other anime studios by sending them a support message!

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