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Activity Report Vol.87:We delivered a poster and booklet full of everyone’s support to P.A.Works in beautiful Toyama, JapanvActivity Report

Messages from all over the world have arrived on Japan’s beautiful coast!

Fans around the world all say “I like anime!” This feeling crosses borders and exists all over the world, connecting fans by their love for anime. No matter where you’re from or your background, everyone can enjoy. We wanted to believe in the power of that feeling that thrives all over the world! Sometimes fans will post their thoughts to social networks, or maybe they only let these feelings out to their TV screens, but we really want to connect the fans to the anime producers that make the works they love. At Otaku Coin, we are currently running a project that brings messages from the fans straight to the anime studios in the form of posters and message booklets full of support written by the fans like you from all over the world!

Through the Otaku Coin app, we collected support messages for the anime studio P.A.Works. Being an anime fan is unhindered by borders. And, P.A.Works is a studio that is trying to work unhindered by location. Located in the beautiful Toyama Prefecture on Japan’s west coast, far outside of Tokyo where many other anime studios call home, P.A.Works is proving that with the right facilities and environment, anime can be made anywhere!

As many of you have shown through your support messages, you already know what P.A.Works excels at! They have made a number of excellent original works with beautiful stories that fans have connected to. In Shirobako, we were able to experience the everyday life of an anime studio and also the exceptional character development of the main character Aoi Miyamori. In 2018, P.A.Works produced the critically acclaimed film Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, as Okada Mari’s directorial debut. With a poignantly universal message, Maquia is very much a new classic to many modern anime fans. Otaku Coin would love to support P.A.Works, which is always looking to the future while pursuing to connect with their fans.

About the project

In 2018, Otaku Coin started an interview project with their partners Anime!Anime! (a leading Japanese anime news site) and Tokyo Otaku Mode, called “Anime Production Studios Gaining Global Attention and Paving the Way to the Future.” In coordination with this project, Otaku Coin is collecting support messages from all over the world in our official app. We combine all of your messages into a poster and a booklet and deliver them directly to the studios!

This interview project will continue with many more anime studios to come. Of course, the poster and booklet project will keep going as well! We are accepting more support messages for even more studios through the Otaku Coin app, so make sure you download the app and let your voice be heard!




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