Activity Report Vol. 97: Support Message Poster Delivered to 3DCG Studio Polygon Pictures

The frontrunners of Japanese CG animation

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Polygon Pictures was founded in 1983 and is one of the oldest digital animation studios in the world. With the mission “to do what no other has done, in unparalleled quality, for all the world to see and enjoy,” Polygon Pictures has brought innovation to the anime industry in Japan and worldwide through their works including Emmy award-winning *Transformers Prime*, *Star Wars: The Clone Wars*, the animated *Godzilla* movie trilogy, *Knights of Sidonia*, *Ajin: Demi-Human*, and *Pingu in the City* to name a few.

This time, we delivered a poster to Polygon Pictures!

Polygon Pictures has established a new style that brings cel-style animation into CG and has had a tremendous impact on fans and industries around the world. Recently, as a frontrunner leading the industry, the studio continues to persistently challenge themselves through developing content that crosses the bounds of anime, including VR and video games, and live activities using 3D characters. From here on as well, the studio will continue to create works that astound the world.

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©2019 HUMAN LOST Project

Celebrating the anniversary of Osamu Dazai’s 110th birthday
A bold retelling of Osamu Dazai’s literary masterpiece “HUMAN LOST (No Longer Human)” from a top creative team
Fuminori Kizaki x Katsuyuki Motohiro x Tow Ubukata x Polygon Pictures

The theatrical anime “Human Lost”
Releasing worldwide in fall 2019

② Levius

ⓒ中田春彌/集英社 ポリゴン・ピクチュアズ

Hyper-steam battle “Levius
The hugely popular comic by Haruhisa Nakata becomes an anime.
Battles that dynamically combine humans and machines depicted with a detailed touch.

Streaming worldwide in winter 2019 as a Netflix original anime series!!

Through this project, support messages from fans all over the world are delivered directly to top anime studios, and this time we delivered them directly to producer Hideki Moriya and character designer Yuki Moriyama, whom we also sat down for an interview with. Under the banner of “directly connecting fans and creators,” our mission is to connect anime fans all over the world to the world’s top anime studios.

Together with Otaku Coin partners Anime!Anime! and Tokyo Otaku Mode, the Otaku Coin Association has been carrying out an interview project since summer 2018 called “Anime Production Studios Gaining Global Attention and Paving the Way to the Future” alongside a project in which support messages sent from fans through the Otaku Coin Official App are printed on posters and delivered directly to anime studios.

The interview project will continue with even more interviews with anime production studios to come. Of course, the project to deliver posters and booklets of support messages will also continue alongside it! Send your messages of support to anime studios through the Otaku Coin Official App and have your voice be heard!



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