Activity Report Vol. 56: Official Otaku Coin App Limited to 10,000 Initial Users! Users Get 3,000 Otaku Coin for Free! (was Ended!)

Isn’t this awesome news?!

【Postscript on 28th December 10:30am JST】 Because the number of installations has reached 10,000 users, ‘Limited Initial 10,000 Users Campaign‘ and ‘Friend Invite Campaign’ was also ended. When SMS authentication resumed, we will plan more new campaigns!! Please look forward to it!!

We leave the article as an introduction of the contents of the campaign that was held.

The Official Otaku Coin App was released on Dec. 26. In order to mitigate congestion and trouble during its release period, initial users are limited to 10,000. However, the number of allowed users will be gradually increasing.

At the same time, a present campaign is being held in which 3,000 Otaku Coin will be given for free to the first 10,000 users. No entry or subscription is required, all you have to do is install the Official Otaku Coin App and complete SMS verification. Don’t miss this chance!

For info on how to use the Official Otaku Coin App and its features, please see the article below.

  • Please be aware that after 10,000 users is reached users will be able to install the app but will not be able to complete SMS verification to be able to use the app.
  • Users will be notified once registration re-opens so please register your email address during installation.

Download the Official Otaku Coin App here!

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