Activity Report Vol.10: A Message from Advisor Sudo Tadashi

Sense of Security, the Key to the Success of the Cryptocurrency Otaku Coin: Aiming for International Support from Fans

Otaku Coin Preparation Committee Advisor Mr. Tadashi Sudo contributed to this article

Japanese anime, manga, and video games have been growing internationally this decade, receiving immense support. A big change has been in the incredible speed at which works and information are circulated compared to before. We’ve entered an age where, using the internet, fans all over the world can enjoy following everything from new anime to seeing what voice actors and artists are up to at the same time.

While on one hand fans share these experiences, they sometimes also become aware of national borders when they try to further enjoy works. For example, when they go to buy a product being sold from another country or try to back a crowdfunding project from overseas, they’re forced to deal with things like different exchange rates and complex payment. It makes you wish for an international currency, doesn’t it? With the cryptocurrency Otaku Coin, it can be a reality.

Take, for example, a doujinshi display. In order to participate, you need a lot of change and small coins. On top of taking quite a lot of time and physical labor, this exchange is also a stressful one. If we made purchases using Otaku Coin on occasions like these, the experience would be much easier. In addition to costing less than credit cards or PayPal, it’s simple, and the Otaku Coins you receive can then be used to purchase other goods or services.

It is, of course, possible to purchase any of the already existing and more famous virtual currencies for purchases, so why should you choose Otaku Coin? The answer is that while it’s a method of payment, Otaku Coins also have an entertainment factor. This will include active communications between creators and fans, having special Otaku Coin-only events, and more. This is only possible through the focus on anime, manga, and video games.

Recently, there have been a number of incidents surrounding cryptocurrency, as well as reports pointing out speculative trends. Many people have a fear of cryptocurrency. It’s also true that, seeing the quick and massive increases and decreases in value, many people retain their cryptocurrency as an investment. The true value of cryptocurrency, however, isn’t in gambling. It’s the ability for anyone to make small payments. It’s the “credibility = security” provided by the blockchain system.

On the contrary, Otaku Coin is currently in the discussion stage, and the key to its realization and success is that “security.” The line between gambling and “a system for fans and makers.” If Otaku Coin is able to achieve this, we’ll be able to make the world of anime, manga, and video game fans a more enjoyable one.

Tadashi Sudo

Sudo was born in Mexico and raised in Yokohama. He is active in covering, reporting, and writing about animation around the world. He also conducts research on the business of animations. After leaving his position in a stock company, he created the information website “Anime! Anime!” in 2004, which became one of the most famous of its kind in Japan. In 2009, he created “Anime! Anime! Biz,” a website with information about the business of animations, and served as the editor. In 2012, Sudo transferred the websites he was managing to IID, Inc. In July 2017, he left “Anime! Anime!” and began to work independently. Some of his most notable works include the animation section of “Digital Content White paper,” “Anime Industry Report” which he composed himself, and “Who’s going to create anime from now on? A silent revolution caused by Chinese capital and online distribution” (Seikaisha Shinsho).

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