Activity Report Vol. 76: Otaku Coin Official App New Feature Spotlight – You Can Now Watch the Latest Anime Trailers!

Watch the latest anime trailers on the Otaku Coin Official App and get Otaku Coins!

Thank you for your continuous support of Otaku Coin. This time, the Otaku Coin Official App has received an extensive update along with a great new feature that we just had to share.

Watch anime trailers and get Otaku Coins!

There have been so many anime on TV recently that it’s hard to decide what to watch… The struggle is real. Of course, in a perfect world we’d be able to watch them all. But we know that the busy life of an otaku elite doesn’t leave time for that, what with all the manga there is to read, movies to see, and doujinshi to create! That’s why the new Otaku Coin Official App is here to lend support.

Introducing a dream collaboration with the Otaku Coin participating partner, Tsudukimi (! Now you can watch the latest official trailers for the newest anime of the season on the app! We want to eliminate as much as possible the problem of anime getting overlooked due to fans being paralyzed by too many to choose from and quickly giving up on an anime before giving it a shot. And we want everyone to know as much as possible all the wonderful works that studios and creators have put their all into making! Those are the thoughts that went into this new feature. And there’s even more — those who watch an anime trailer till the very end will receive Otaku Coins! Right now users can earn 10 times the normal amount — 100 XOC per trailer!

Anime trailers can be found in the second anime menu from the lower left on the app screen.

No need to worry about anime you’ve already seen!
*Please watch trailers until the very end. You will not receive Otaku Coins if you close the trailer midway through.
*Otaku Coins are given only once per trailer.
*You can get Otaku Coins by watching multiple trailers, so watch as many as you can!
*The amount of Otaku Coins given may change without prior notice.