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My comeback to the Sketching and Doodling. Drawing something Everyday.

Viraj Trivedi
Jan 27, 2018 · 2 min read


Doodles, Doodles and Some more Doodles

This is How it All Started (

Creativity takes courage

–Henri Matisse

This is me finally posting something roughly after 6 months. Looking back it was full of Ups and Downs. But I did learn and started some exciting things. And the best thing that I took up was Artwork.

I was thinking about writing this post relating my Latest Art Project (uhh, You can’t call it a project but whatever..) that I was working on. And this is how it all started. I had this awesome sketchbook for about 5–6 months blank. Nothing is more horrifying than a Blank Sketchbook. Because you always want to start the with that one Kickass Drawing on the Front page, which for an Art soul with “My artwork looks like shit” attitude would never happen.

I realized that after those rough 6 months that I had to Doodle no matter what. No matter how shitty my sketches look, No matter how weird the faces look, I want to draw something, do something. That is when I scribbled my very first Doodle on that new shiny sketchbook.

First Inktober Doodle

It was 2nd October 2017. I showed it to my sister and she said “Not bad, As it is October everyone’s doing this thing called Inktober, why don’t you also do it~” And that is how I started took up this Inktober Challenge by Jake Parker.

And I did it. Some doodles where Super Awesome (even I can’t believe that I drew them) and Some doodles that even a toddler would have done better. But I the end, I finished it and made 100 Days of Daily Doodles.

These where most fun ones.

You can see all of them on my Instagram Profile _viraj.trivedi_.

Now, I try to draw something almost everyday. I am glad that this happened. The key to it was actually doing the task without judging myself. And just being in the process itself. I realized that “The Journey itself is what makes it exciting, and Not the Destination”.

It’s fun learning so many new things, I hope to learn a lot more in upcoming weeks. Wondering what kind of challenges are waiting ahead. I never give up… I never go back on my word… that’s my ninja way! #Naruto

Motivators for this Art Project in some or the other way were -

Otaku Codes

Life of an Otaku, coding its way, to become №1.

Otaku Codes

Life of an Otaku, coding its way, to become №1.

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Otaku Codes

Life of an Otaku, coding its way, to become №1.