College Days II

From Blackheart: Love is a Whore

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This is a book and should be read in the following order: College Days I, Lover’s Cross, College Days II, Love is a Vulture, In The Endless Darkness, Love is a Whore, The Girl in The Bakery, Dreams of Carol, I Demon

Inscriptions IV.

This vision of a beauty sits before me
I do not fall to her looks
Her voice resounds in perfect sweetness
I do not fall to her voice
She moves in dreams of lovely actions
I do not fall to her sashay
She comes closer to me
I will not fall to her
She smiles and says, “Hello!”
I crumble right before her.

If only you knew these emotions, Barbara;
These feelings that for you I harbor.
Take this hand, Barbara
It has always been yours!
Come fly these years ahead with me
Come lose yourself in love’s winged purpose.


Lexicographers and translators would have been appalled
Linguists and English scholars would have cried aloud
Had they been there that introduction day
When she lifted her studious stare
From her books and assignment pages
But I just smiled and laughed away.

That Smile

When first I received her perfect smile
I knew the reasons for the Trojan War
I understood the Odyssey of Odysseus
His lifetime journey through the dangers
To see his wife and home
For when I saw her perfect smile
I could clearly see the peril
I would undertake
Just to keep that smile
In its perfect state.

The E-lounge Memoirs

I’ve been talking to this girl at school for about a week
She is a little crazy, but not too much I think
She is some sort of a literature buff
Although her reading is some very strange stuff
King, horror, and murder 
We’ve been exchanging books and criticisms
She got the Bukowski, and I got the evil
I read the Bachman Books, Dark Half, Salem’s Lot, etc.

I am writing this at 4 am
I haven’t slept in days
My apartment I have rearranged
(Easier to see if someone is breaking in!)
I now know why she is so deranged.

Today, I gladly returned the evil books to Barb
We criticized the books while we went to lunch
Barb was telling me about deaf people
She’s a signer and a counselor
So I took the opportunity to tell her about my idea
For the closed caption screamer for the hearing slightly impaired
I thought it was a novel notion
She said I was nuts.

Today Barb told me about her Baboon Butt Invention
It started because her ass hurt from sitting in class
I sat dumbfounded listening as she related,
It would be a strap-on conforming cushion
And, it wouldn’t have to be red
It could be any color you want
It would be a fad fashion, don’t you think?
I told her nicely that she was an idiot.

Today, was the last day of the semester
Barb and I went to eat lunch
We talked a great deal
But I was thinking while she was speaking,
How easy it is for me to be listening.

Semester Break

It has been one week since the semester’s end
I’ve broken away from my girlfriend
I’ve only known her a short semester
Yet, I miss her
I think I know the way my feelings play
But for right now, their meaning I cannot say.


After leaving society behind
All materialism and bureaucracy
Now living with Barb in some cave
With our sixteen children somewhere
We’ve all begun to starve
“Go forth and find some dinner, fool!”
I right-shoulder pitchfork and disappear
Highway 91 curves and rolls along
I wait along the road
Sitting watching for my prey
Dinner is a served
I scrape the tire-ridden possum off the street
And home towards I beat my feet
Sixteen children gather round
With Barb at our cave door
All a smiling and happy clan
I know we have the world.

If Looking On Violently Excreted Yams or U

If looking on violently excreted yams or u
I’d have to say that you’re much better
For violently excreted yams carry a noxious odor
Whereas you smell pretty good,
As long as you shower
Besides, violently excreted yams just look nasty
Whereas you look pretty good,
A hell of a lot more tasty.

Notes to Barbara

Do you hear me in the night?
Calling out for your hand softly screaming
Do you wonder of me in the night?
Praying to find our destiny
Do you feel the need for us to talk?
Somewhere in the night
I know that I have
Once or twice.

Like a Bird on a Wing*

Love should be so free it flies
Earth’s pull, the Grand Order Defies 
Starting as a Dove leaving the nest
Walking first in flapping steps
Then leaping and plunging 
Deep into a turning dive
Until soaring steady
Upon wings so high.

Bellamy Brothers Let Your Love Flow 1976


Note To The Reader

The poetry in this book was written when I was in my late teens and early twenties. This poetry can be offensive to some people so I would caution that there are some explicit elements in this writing. Blackheart is a struggle to balance good and evil with the desire to love and be loved. This struggle is entrenched in the concept of faith. The poetry attempts to show these ideas through conflicting emotions that shift in extremes. For this reason, I feel it is important to read this work in order. Each poem and chapter builds on the next.

I hope that you enjoy the reading. Thank you, Vince.

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