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How Dog Piss Taught Me To Finally Understand Beauty

Toward a new philosophy of aesthetics

No one needs to be told that this image is beautiful. Or do they? ©Frantzou Fleurine

What is beauty? Why are we so obsessed with it? Is it a concept that can even be defined? Or at least explicated in a manner that makes sense to everyone?

And what does this have to do with dog piss? More than you might think. But I’ll get to that.




From haiku to hefty memoirs - poems, stories and essays that break through the bullshit. Looking for pieces that go far beyond cliché to uncover a new realm of possibilities. Other Doors features writing that leaves the reader with genuine congenital reactions.

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Nicholas Petrone

Nicholas Petrone

Born Again Transcendentalist. Writing about life, death and everything in between. Editor of Other Doors. haroldpstinard@gmail.com

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