In the Endless Darkness

From Blackheart: Love is a Whore

This is a book and should be read in the following order: College Days I, Lover’s Cross, College Days II, Love is a Vulture, In The Endless Darkness, Love is a Whore, The Girl in The Bakery, Dreams of Carol, I Demon

Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

Inscriptions VI

I was standing there at work
And for some reason,
You decided to speak to me
I can’t relate my elation
When you spoke those words
I felt I had waited all my life to hear,
“You have a funny laugh!”

All the friends that I use to know
Have gone away in a burning glow
Their lives just cruised on the fastest track
Now they’re all dead and I’m left behind
Trapped with the memories
I wish my mind could go blind
To my old friends
I’ll see you soon
I was just moving
A little slower than you.

In the Endless Darkness

I waited long for you
Holding out for love true
Only the Demon sage 
Arrived bringing his rage

Tightening my arms veins 
Clenching fists till it pains 
Flailing dementedness 
Crazed insane playfulness 
Your vision haunts my mind
Anger’s answer I find
Enveloping my form 
Frustration’s lonely storm
A screaming fury’s peak
Ending when I feel weak

My breathing slowing down
Heart slowing winding down
To a blank thoughtfulness
In the endless darkness.


Note To The Reader

The poetry in this book was written when I was in my late teens and early twenties. This poetry can be offensive to some people so I would caution that there are some explicit elements in this writing. Blackheart is a struggle to balance good and evil with the desire to love and be loved. This struggle is entrenched in the concept of faith. The poetry attempts to show these ideas through conflicting emotions that shift in extremes. For this reason, I feel it is important to read this work in order. Each poem and chapter builds on the next.

I hope that you enjoy the reading. Thank you, Vince.

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