Love is a Vulture

From Blackheart: Love is a Whore

This is a book and should be read in the following order: College Days I, Lover’s Cross, College Days II, Love is a Vulture, In The Endless Darkness, Love is a Whore, The Girl in The Bakery, Dreams of Carol, I Demon

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Inscriptions V.

I was ready to leave it all behind
The violence and the miscreants,
The drugs, the guns, and the virgin whores
I was ready to live by the Word
But you taught me the word unheard
That love is just a dream deferred.*

Principles are bought and sold
And to lie is merely human.

Love Is a Vulture

Oh, I’ve met the perfect man! 
The one that fate has planned
He’s a lawyer and he’s rich
He’s got everything that Mich!

There I stood stupefied, 
Listening as she was relating 
Where did all that emotion go 
The hugs, the kisses, and affection’s glow

I learned that day 
If you want love 
Be willing to pay 
Make your image 
Paint your portrait 
Take what you want 
Even if you don’t deserve it.

I should have known better
Than to set my heart upon you
The Romantics are dead
Their time is done
That play is read
And is it not the lover’s lore
One big game to try and score
For what is true love
Except the most transient of emotions
Bending and swaying to hidden motives
I said I love you
You said, “I quit.”
As soon as you found dearest Mich
Were you looking for the greater man?
The one you would conquer,
Or allow to conquer you
Were you looking for that bigger dream?
That is all your hypocrisy
Trying to cover for your greed
All love falls in the Category of Three;
And what I want for me.

So you think you got the better man
Marriage is the plan
It’s all so perfect and complete,
Fate has dealt me the loneliness defeat
And we’ll be together forever and a day
We’ll struggle at first and earn our way
Any obstacles that we meet
Our love will defeat!

You make me sick with your loving sighs
Prostituting yourself with lies.

Love is just a vulture
Picking at the believer’s cadaver
Filling itself on the true heart’s blood
Love is just a vulture
Eating your heart in slow torture.


I found Bobby and Phil one afternoon
Sitting outside talking dollar signs
I was half listening as they were speaking
Looking across the campus fields
They were talking about going to DC
To grab a vile or two of PCP
And I was thinking about Barbara
And all the things I had not told her
And as I said, “Count me in.”
I remember thinking,
There is no honesty- only sin
We’re all just demons in the end.

*In reference to Langston Hughes, A Dream Deferred.

1988–1992 Vincent V. Triola

Note To The Reader

The poetry in this book was written when I was in my late teens and early twenties. This poetry can be offensive to some people so I would caution that there are some explicit elements in this writing. Blackheart is a struggle to balance good and evil with the desire to love and be loved. This struggle is entrenched in the concept of faith. The poetry attempts to show these ideas through conflicting emotions that shift in extremes. For this reason, I feel it is important to read this work in order. Each poem and chapter builds on the next.

I hope that you enjoy the reading. Thank you, Vince.

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