The Lost Vodka Infusion

Vodka Infusions

Feverishly I worked my craft
Like a mad scientist on the verge of his greatest discovery
I sweated grappling the screaming blender with my left hand
While manhandling a kiwi with my right
I combined fruits and spices, formulating the finest infusion
Pouring in the Goose, I heard the spite of the drunken Chinese girlfriend,
“You’re a loser! Make better drinks.”
“I am trying to concentrate, woman!”
She stepped onto the sofa in the living room
Dancing and singing to a song that existed only in her mind
The final rotation of the blender wound to its finale
My creation was complete
I laughed and summoned the drunken girlfriend to marvel at my invention
We stood fascinated with the fruit and white tea vodka infusion
It sat bubbling with the icy promise of pleasure
She held out her martini glass smiling innocent and sweet
I said, “You bitch!”
Then poured her my finest concoction eagerly awaiting her approval

I felt a weight upon me and blew some hair out of my mouth
The girlfriend was a lead blanket crushing me
When I started to move I felt the crack of my spine and realized we were on the floor
I kissed the top of her head and heard something unintelligible emit from her
I thought for a moment it was Chinese
I remembered she doesn’t speak Chinese
Still, I thought it was good that she was alive
While struggling to remove the heap of girlfriend I glanced to my left
I saw the empty infusion bottle
Bled like a corpse on its side
I felt the pain of its loss
Realizing it was a masterpiece of mixology
Realizing it was a beautiful drunken experience
Realizing I couldn’t remember how to make it.

Written in 2012