3 Kick-Ass Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview

They won’t make up for lacking skills, but they will help you stand out

Evan Wildstein
Other Duties Assigned
3 min readOct 12, 2021


Image: Christina Morillo/Pexels

I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people throughout my career. This past summer I shared some questions to ask as an interviewer, and given how the job market is on a major upswing — up 63% between July 2020-2021 — I want to explore the equation from the other side.

Of course, you’ll be prepared with all the tactical questions about day-to-day responsibilities, opportunities for growth, biggest challenges, and so on — at least you should be prepared with those routine questions.

There are countless others that will add some flavor to your interviews, and read on for three of my favorites. If you try them out, please, respond and let us know how they go!

#1. What separates a “good” candidate from a “great” one?

I promise you this one will turn heads. If you’re in a group setting, they’ll probably look at one another with a dang this is a good question expression.

The reason is, many organizations post job descriptions that paint the picture of a good employee — one who does the minimum of what’s asked of them and who doesn’t stretch.

A good candidate will reach targets and show up on time. A great candidate might also look for cost-saving measures and be a mentor for newer employees. The list of responses is truly endless, and I’ve always found this question to spark some fantastic conversation.

#2. What are your blind spots?

This might sound like a hiring manager’s question for a candidate, but I love when it’s asked the other way around. I believe it’s one of the more important inquiries you can make, especially of the person who might be your boss. This question will tell you two things.

First, simply, it’s good to know what you’re walking into regarding capability and capacity. If it’s a sales job and your would-be supervisor is great at managing people but not sales, then that might be something you lean into from Day 1.