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Stories about work and making it better.
Note from the editor

Stories about work. Stay in touch at OtherDutiesAssigned@gmail.com.

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Jessica Donahue, PHR
I help startups and small businesses hire, develop, engage, and retain the best talent at AdjunctLeadership.com → Join my mini leadership course: bit.ly/307AheB
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Master Psychologist. Can’t read minds. Has no pills for you either. But if you like, follow me for business psycho content — with character and often humor.
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Tülay Dilmen
80% of your 65,000 thoughts today will be the same as yesterday. I’m here to contribute to the remaining 20%. | tuelaydilmen@gmail.com
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Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey
Teller of tales—mine and others'. Eater of foods—cooked and ordered. Yoga instructor. Phillies fan. Former Texan.
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Jack Turner, MBA
Career management writer; exploring how people develop satisfying and meaningful careers, and how the future of work will impact our lives.
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Max Klein
Family Man. Leader. 3x Top Writer. MBA Strategy and Management. Marine Corps Veteran. Winemaker. emaxklein@icloud.com
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Nikki McCaig
Freelance Social Media Manager, Coffee-Drinker Email me at: nikki.j.mccaig@gmail.com for chats ’n’ stuff!
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Lindsey Laverty
I write on professional and interpersonal communication to inform how to relate to one another. My Master’s degree is in Rhetoric & Philosophy of Communication.
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Ons Bouneb
Computer Science Engineer| Geek | Writer| Cheerful human
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Suzan Bond
Leadership coach for new technology leaders. Fast Company contributor. Former COO Travis CI. www.suzanbond.com Twitter: @suzanbond
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Nicole Alinea
Freelance writer and sucker for personal development content, documentaries and seasoned pretzels. https://twitter.com/TheNicoleAlinea
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Esther Cooke
London-based copywriter @ thejoyst.com | Former number cruncher @ 20th Century Fox, Dow Jones | Future children’s book author
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Danielle A.
Just a writer, speaking from the hearth with experience.
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Courtney Branson
soulful thoughts on working and parenting