Chloe’s swinging weekend — part 2

Chloe the swinger part 2

After Saturday evening’s exertions we decided it might be best to get some well earned sleep. Eric and Anna left first, disappearing into the moonlight arm in arm. I said my goodbyes to Richard and Marie-Claire, stumbled next door and promptly crashed out on my bed, arms stretched wide, not even bothering to cover myself — well the night was still warm, and I needed to cool down, didn’t I?

I don’t think it was long before I was fast asleep, probably snoring my head off, I’m afraid I do when I sleep on my back. I have no recollection of any dreams except the last one. I was in a field of sunflowers, it was a hot, steamy, day, somewhere in Provence. I came across a small hillock which gave me a fantastic view across the flowering heads, a sea of yellow and black. I lay down and let the sun burn into me, I could feel the temperature of my skin rising. Pretty soon I was too hot, so I slipped off my sundress, and let my bra-less breasts bathe in the sunshine.

The warmth in my skin felt wonderful to my touch, I started to explore how it felt, from the heat of my nipples to the cool of the crease below my breasts. I felt a small electric shock, I bit my lip, and let my hand slide lower, across my tummy, to the small triangle of lace preserving my modesty. I couldn’t stop now, I delved deeper, it was warm, my hips began to gyrate, slowly, and I could feel myself getting wet. My whole hand was now covering my pussy, sliding up and down, rubbing it in small circles, pressing against it, making my hips work harder.

My index finger found my clit and started to tease it, feeling it harden. My hips started to press up from the grass I was lying on, and then I felt another hand covering mine, and a soft male voice said, “let me help you”. I wasn’t shocked, it felt wonderful, I’d had similar dreams before and they always ended in fantastic orgasms. I let him take over. I just lay there feeling his hand working its magic on me. I could feel my orgasm starting to build, it was inevitable the way he was teasing my clit, rubbing it between two fingers, tapping it gently. Then it hit me, a warm whoosh that left me gasping for breath. It was so sudden it woke me up, my eyes wide open, a shocked expression on my face. And there was Richard, kneeling beside me on the bed, his hand pressed firmly on my pussy.

“What the!”, I gasped. Richard’s grin was disarming. He sat back on the bed and looked at me, clearly savouring my nakedness. “It’s breakfast time” he said. “Marie-Claire sent me to get you, I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself, I could tell you were dreaming about sex, I just helped you along the way.” “You most certainly did!” I was desperately trying to gather my composure. “Now bugger off, and let me get myself together, I’ll be there in 5 minutes”.

“Well that’s a dreamy way to start the day”, I thought, “I wonder what the rest of the day holds for me?”

Marie-Claire greeted me with a big hug, “I just told him to tell you breakfast was ready”, she grinned, “the rest was completely his own idea.” Richard was looking a bit sheepish, as if he’d been told off — the naughty, naughty boy!” “Sunday is my day to make breakfast”, she said, “so it’s simple, croissants and coffee, there’s butter and a couple of kinds of jam. Get stuck in”. “Thanks MC”, I said, “it looks perfect.” It seemed it was just the three of us for breakfast, apparently, as it was their last day, Eric and Anna had to be out of their cabin by 10am. Sure enough, close to 10 and we saw them approaching, trailing their bags behind them. I said ”Dump them in my cabin, let’s not waste the day. By the way what time do you have to leave?” “Around 4 ”, said Anna, glumly, “it’s a bitch of a drive.”

“Have you eaten?” asked Richard. “Yes, thanks,” said Eric, a smile spreading across his face “we’re good to go!” “Excellent”, said Richard, “Let’s do it!” “Towels” said Marie-Claire, “sun-cream, and the picnic, Richard, c’mon, no time to waste.” “where are we heading?” I inquired. “Do I need to bring anything?” “It’s all sorted” said Marie-Claire, “Just grab your towel!” “There’s a secluded bay at the far end of the beach” Richard said, “If we’re quick we can stake a claim to it for the day.” So grabbing the essentials I hurried after the four of them. The guys walked on ahead, carrying the bags, umbrellas and everything needed for a fantastic picnic. We three girls strolled arm in arm through the trees to the beach.

It’s amazing the range of ages and bodies you see at a naturist site. From skinny boys barely out of puberty, college aged girls with pert breasts and neatly trimmed pubes, to old men with wrinkly skin, rounded shoulders and sagging bellies. Breasts come in all sizes and shapes as do cocks and the amount of body hair too — vive la difference I say! The atmosphere is relaxed, mainly couples or groups, but not exclusively, I feel completely at ease.

The beach stretches away from us as we emerge from the pines, turning right it is about half a mile to the rocks. The sun is already heating the day up and walking through the soft sand I can feel myself start to sweat. By the time we get to the end of the beach Richard and Eric are no longer to be seen, they’ve disappeared around the rocks. We have to wade round, it’s not difficult, the water only comes up to my upper thighs. There before me is a narrow strip of beach, waves crashing onto the sand, and only two people on it, Richard and Eric. “Oh goody”, says Anna, “Absolutely perfect! It’s ours for the day!”

In just a few minutes we’d set up camp, two large umbrellas casting some delicious shade over the large picnic rug, well rugs actually, there were at least three. Richard made sure the cold box was well protected from the sun. “OK”, said Eric, “Time for some fun!” He grabbed a frisbee and ran towards the water, I could see the muscles in his back rippling. We followed him, albeit at a more leisurely pace. We started just throwing the frisbee to each other but Eric wasn’t satisfied. “We need to up the ante” he grinned, “If you drop it you have to perform a forfeit.” Anna’s face was a picture. “Oh dear, here we go”, she said.

The first few forfeits were safe enough, Anna had to perform a handstand, which she did effortlessly, Eric himself had to let Marie-Claire tickle him and I had to own up about an embarrassing moment in my past (no I’m not telling). Then the stakes got higher. First MC had to give Anna a kiss, then I had to make Richard get an erection, then Anna came up with one. Eric had to lift me above his head, and keep me there while MC gave him a blowjob. That started us all laughing. Eric told me to fold my arms in front of my chest and keep them tight. He stood in front of me and his left hand grasped my arms. He stooped slightly to the right and his right hand slid down my body and wormed its way between my thighs — his thumb was pressing against my pussy, his fingers against my perineum. The next thing I knew I was off my feet and being lifted high into the air. Eric locked his arms out and said “OK, I’m ready.” His thumb was no longer pressing against my pussy, it had slid inside, deep inside. He looked up to me “You alright” he said, “Oh yes, very alright” I smiled back at him. Then I saw his expression change. His eyes closed and he breathed out deeply and slowly. MC was getting to work on him.

God he was so strong, his arms were still locked solid but his thumb wasn’t. It was moving inside me. The tip of it was rubbing up and down the inside wall of my pussy, I could feel my juices flowing, the pressure on my pussy was building. I wasn’t sure quite how much of this weird situation I could take. Eric started to move his hips, taunted my MC’s mouth and tongue. This just added to my pleasure and suddenly I started coming. That did it, I couldn’t stay still, and that unbalanced Eric. The next thing I knew all three of us were in a heap in the surf. Eric was one part moaning and one part laughing, MC and I were both in fits of giggles. “Oh god, not fair” moaned Eric, he pointed at me “You owe me one!” What a great game! “I don’t see how we’re going to beat that!” said Richard, “Time for a breather, who’s for some wine?”

Now the picnic rugs came into their own, we were able to lie in a tangled heap, legs, arms, mouths, hands — just a jumble of body parts. Marie-Claire had opened a couple of bottles of wine and we quickly polished them off. By now the sun was at its azimuth and we were hiding under the shade of the umbrellas. “I think it’s time for lunch, don’t want to waste the time, do we?” Anna winked at me, I nodded in agreement! Richard broke out the food, a selection of cold meat and very ripe cheeses to go with yet another bottle of wine and some French sticks.

While we consumed our lunch the conversation turned to the realisation that come 4pm the weekend would end, well for Eric and Anna anyway. I was booked in until the Monday, as it turned out, so were Richard and Marie-Claire. “In which case”, Marie-Claire said, “It’s up to Anna and Eric to decide what we use the time for”.

….find out what they decide in part 3 of Chloe’s swinging weekend :)




A collection of stories about other people’s sex lives. Which are true and which are figments of my and other people’s imagination, and who would you like to swap places with and in which story?

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