Miscarriages are very normal, we might think about how much our love we have for this miscarried child, helps our miscarried children to shape their new life.

We now know many babies die. 10–20% of known pregnancies end in a miscarriage (Mayoclinic, N.D.). When our parents got kids they only knew after about 3 months of missing a period they might be pregnant. You might want to think about the connection you might have with your lost babies. Or when you had no babies at all, you might want to think about the bond you can have already, before life starts. You might want to shape your thoughts and belief on that, so you can connect with your children, already. I think, the more we love already, we catch the moments they might be alone. Just to be sure, we can love them already.

This story might give you a bit of peace of mind…

When I was a little baby, until I was three years old, I wondered why I was not totally dark black, as I expected I had to be dark black, because I remembered a past life. My dark black family had miscarried me and were mourning about me. They loved me so much, they shaped my life. I still remember them, if that could be a true story. In any way, a lot of young children remember past lives or have the same type of stories, and in your own belief, you can believe in past lives. If this is true, it matters how much we love our children, and they will remember your love. I did wonder why I was now in a lighter family. Especially, because after this miscarriage, I also remembered to be from a native American family, and from an Arabic family. I now know I share their DNA, and I was not aware as a child about colors, and ideas on differences between people from other countries. Also, a lot of people around me were even lighter than me. We lived with the most people being light, and later on, in life colored people lived in my town more often, and made me aware of colors. So, being light I found weird, while everyone was light, or lighter than me. So, I turned around my mirror a few years, and just could not believe I was this light and I never got color. I based it on my own experience. and believe. Then, it might been weird I turned around the mirror, now it is a good memory helping me through miscarriages. I know children can remember such love, and this will shape them. They will forever remember me as their loving mother, despite if they come back to this life, as some believe rainbow babies can be their previous miscarried child or someone else from their family. I am their mother. They carry me in their hearts, wherever they are, just like I did.

I lived with more mothers, our grandmothers are also our mothers, our grandparents always reminded us of that. — This has a purpose…

Before this life, everyone died sooner. We live today a lot longer, and our generation hardly loses siblings, when we are a child ourselves. But, our grandparents, and parents lived a lot of times with siblings that died when they were a baby or a child. They also, had their own grandparents in the home, when they were old, and especially when they were sick, so someone takes care of them until they die. Many grandparents died younger than grandparents today. Also, a lot of children lived without a parent or even both parents. So, the grandmother now survived a lot longer, than before, so we lived with our old great grandmothers, and grandmothers, like our own mothers. They explained they are extra mothers. The young new mother is independent and raises the kids the way they want, but they are extra mothers. If my mother would die young, I would have them as my mother, but in any way, they are the mothers of my mother, too. She also has more mothers than my grandma. Those raised my grandma. We do not lose the mothers, when we are born with our own mother, they raised our mothers. So, even the oldest grandma is a mother, too, of her children, grandchildren, and the greatest grandchild. My grandpa always said, I still have a mother, no matter how old I am, and also her mother was my grandmother. The bigger mother. So, it even continues the afterlife. You are always someone's child, and not from one mother.

The purpose behind this is, they lived this way, today simply mothers mainly survive a long time, but before it was not sure who would survive. They all helped with survival. They are your mother, and this went very deep, because they truly had to survive the hardest times, so you would live. So, they were not so lightly about being your mother. They were happy your own mother lived, as they raised her too, but this was a new thing, luck in human life that all mothers lived together.

Adding this up with the past lives we might remember we have many mothers/ parents.

Children died a lot more times young than today. So, we can remember more past lives. Still, many kids die today, the 10–20% of pregnancies still do not make it. So, back then, it was even more normal to die soon. Perhaps also, more times. There were also, fewer people than today. So, you might come back to the same parents a lot more times, than we are aware of.

In my DNA I am very mixed, so the things I remembered can be truly from past lives. I find it very interesting, each family I remembered could be actually from the same family, as I am mixed. Also, they had different rituals and ways to remember their children that had died. They also found it more normal.

So, it connects us around the world a lot more, if we live the way everyone wants to remember their children. We can look into all rituals and ideas about that.

Some families believe a lot more in reincarnation, and thus if you just had your past life there, you might feel a lot more from those traditions, this then still shapes your new life.

It is very peaceful and sweet to understand life this sweet way, as one family.

With more parents that shape our lives, and this special way of adding to each other life, without anyone knowing of it, only the ones that experience it and remember it, but it can be remembered. It was very useful to love me that much as a baby, as I found it so sweet they all had loved me. They all had different homes, environments, looks, and traditions, but all loved babies as much. I also, experienced more siblings in those families, it was very sweet they loved me so much. It made my life, in this life, a lot sweeter, and deeper. It made me interested in all religions and beliefs, and rituals. I want to know how everyone raises children, and how we all love children so much.

It made me also aware to just love my kids so much, so they feel it. No matter where they go, they will remember me, and it will shape them. No one comes between you and your children.

I had a few miscarriages before I had my alive children.

My start in this life, with my experiences, which no one could talk about, as I did not speak yet, and when I could speak, I did not speak much, yet. So, my family saw me turn around the mirrors. My mother warned me one day, I had to try to be normal about the mirrors, else I might be ill. I then gave it up and turned them around, but the story did not go away. I could keep my stories about my past life families, and just understand there is a new life now. It also helped me through everything. Especially when I miscarried. I was not even planned pregnant, and not in a fun way pregnant, it was a very tough situation how I was made pregnant, but I loved my children.

Besides my own experience, I always had lived with the idea of my own children, since I was very little. I already knew my children and had lived with them, with the idea of them, and how they would be. Many women do that, I learned in my practice, when I had a practice, before my studies to be an MD/psychologist. I now study BSc health science, to study after this degree and MD study. I am already an environmental psychologist, so I will be an MD/psychologist. I helped a few hundred women to connect with their unborn babies. Also, women that never had a baby, yet, or had miscarried, or had other issues with pregnancies. A lot of women, especially the ones that got pregnant fast, had an instinct for connecting with their own babies, and already were connected with them. They even knew genders and when they would be born, and when they would be pregnant. This might be a natural thing in life, or a possibility in nature, to just know your story in life, already.

For others, it was not that easy at all times, or they did know little things already, which is very special too.

Feeling a parent already helps a lot of women I know

So, it helped me to connect, and to understand despite the problems and the situation, I am a mother already, of more children. I can love them, already. So, I also bought them things already, it helped me to connect with them and their future, already.

I know it helped a lot of those women too. To just accept we might be mothers already, and to just connect and accept the kids might be watching us from the heavens, with God. No matter your belief, and the kid's future believes, and what life truly is, we can connect, just to be sure. So, then, you can be sure, if they “hear” you, they are not alone, as you paid attention to them, already.

You can be that mother/ parent already.

Your own belief and processing miscarriages

So, I think, it matters how much we love. We can think about the future children, and make our rituals for that connection. We can also simply think about past lives and how we go to our next lives. Our children might remember the love from past lives, and the love we gave them to their next lives. Maybe, even despite ever carrying a baby, it matters we just loved a baby. So, they felt it. Perhaps there is even the possibility, our children watch from the heavens and find out the news they cannot come to this life. While they wanted that so bad, then, your love has mattered too, it will shape their new life.


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