Phase 6: Video Demo and HIFI

We created a video demonstrating the core features and interactions of the smart watch application aspect of Netwrk. It provides a 2 minute overview of the benefits of our application and use cases.

For our final, high-fidelity designs, we attempted to incorporate consistent visual design with more refined interactions.

To coincide with our final mockups, we also design a logo for our app, Netwrk. The logo itself is text-based and simplistic. We wanted the logo to anchor our application in legitimacy and trust, balancing out the exuberant color scheme.

High Fidelity Watch Design

We began by focusing on the interactions of the smartwatch. One of the challenges was designing for multiple types of watches. In our designs, we followed the Apple Watch style guide, but tried to make designs universal and easily adaptable to other interfaces. For this reason, we focused only on touchscreen interactions rather than those specific to Apple.

Tapping or swiping up brings you from a notification to a basic profile. The grey location pin icon hops if you are within 25 ft of the other user, and stays still otherwise. The name displayed is the closest person to you — It will be pink if you just shook said person’s hand. People icons indicate how many other Netwrk users are nearby.

The “notification” screen is where users are alerted of nearby acquaintances. Users can glance at the notification briefly to see the name of the person closest to them, as well as see how many others are in the vicinity.

Swiping right between pages to look at one Netwrk user versus another. The number in the top right is number of unviewed Netwrk user profiles who are near you. Below are talking points.
Swiping down on any basic profile page reviews the detailed information page

Swiping up on the notification reveals the Netwrk app and more details about the nearby acquaintance, including scrollable “tags” that detail the person and their personality. If there are multiple people nearby, swiping left or right will cycle through their profiles as well.

Tapping or swiping down brings you back to the default page

To exit Netwrk, users swipe down on the top bar to return to the watch home screen.

Seeing people you’ve met before should, ideally, be a positive experience — something that people don’t dread. When users see they have a notification from Netwrk, we wanted them to be curious and even excited. We chose a simplified, bright, color palette to reflect this. We chose a warm pink as the app’s primary color, and a bright yellow as a highlight.

High Fidelity Mobile Design

The prominence of the color scheme is more apparent in the mobile designs — where pink is used to suggest activity and anchor each screen. On the watch, pink is used more sparingly, but works to draw users’ attention and provide some consistency between mobile and watch experiences.

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