hertics 2.0

A quick recap

So. How did we get here? To recap: a thousand years after a nuclear holocaust, there are two separate groups living in what was America, not aware of the others' existence. One group consider themselves The People, live inside of what were once the cities. The other are really a collection of groups which have formed into one people, but still show diversity of ethnicity. The People, living in the city, are all female. After the Great Reckoning, they managed to continue working and living, and focused on (then) illegal cloning. Eventually they create, after a few hundred years, a perfected cloning process of humans and get rid of the male of the species, they retreat into a few standing skyscrapers and remain in five, mostly coastal cities, communicating via satellite. They form a government which evolves from the U.S. government, including a Congress which meets virtually, and a Supreme Council. They have a collective hive mind, with some mind-control techniques borrowed from the Jesuits, out if which their whole Mother Superior schtick also arises- but the religious aspects of that world are left in the old. Among a group of their heretical sects, a new age religion worshipping the egg forms, with a heavy slant towards alien origins of all life and a desire to return to some lost old ways and a hope of some form of alien life returning to Earth to save them. Their world is constantly falling apart, and they have limited resources, mainly the young girls being cloned, The Scouts, as to what they should teach them: robotics, genetics, communications, rocket science- so as to keep their world sustainable. The last satellite is always almost falling out of the sky, which would entail cutting off communication of the Congress, and there is always some threat to The Code and The Line, the semi-religious terms they apply to the DNA genetic code, which is stored on computer systems which are always just about to break down.

Meanwhile, Silver Moon Lake Hotel and her rents Old Owl Inn and Silver Forkchain Necklace and her siblings, the twins Tonka Truck Tuesday and Fish Taco Tuesday, two tikes still crawling in the mud on the Reservation, were part of One Nation, a collective of tribes that went back to the land after the Great Awakening. In Tribal Lore, the Great Microwave of Redemption blew its lid when it saw how the Great Bear Sabrina was being raped by the Man, who for ages had exploited the Great Nations. So Great Microwave teamed up with Great Bear and they zapped The Man back to the Moon, which is how he got there, in a rocket ship. He walked upon the face of the Moon and it ate him and it was all good, and that is how the Man got into the Moon. He is the ghost of what once was before the Great Awakening and not allowed out during the day. And the Great Mother Bear Sabrina, having been raped by The Man gave birth to the new world order, the One Nation, but she was so distraught that she ran off, back into the woods, where she still lives today, occasionally coming out to fish or hunt or gather berries or walk her young. And Her Children are basically OK with it, occasionally leaving her gifts. Especially July 5th, Birthday of One Nation, every year. And on Full Moon nights, everyone stays in, and if they do go outside, it is to spit or piss and curse the Man in the Moon for their existence.

But how could these groups be living right next to each other and not be aware of the other. They say that when Columbus arrived in the New World, the locals could not recognize him. They say maybe if aliens were here on earth, people wouldn’t recognize them, it would be too far outside their conception of reality, they would simply be invisible, like ghosts.

In truth, there were legends: The People had twice had contact with the outsiders, whom they considered animals living in the wild, over the thousand years. The first occasion was with a male, involved sex, which changed the line, or genetic code, caused a hell of a lot of problems with the then breaking down computer systems, but introduced enough variation to avoid problems from inbreeding, though in effect it evolved into inbreeding, a cult, which later developed into one of the Hertic sects and new laws restricting contact with outsiders. The second occurrence was a few hundred years later and involved a lone lost girl. Of course one of the Hertic sects had predicted the return of the goddess or some such nonsense and it fit the bill, to refresh the Code, but maybe it was just a self-fulfilling prophecy, after all and they really went out looking for her?

And One Nation had their beliefs too, of ghost people who lived in the cities. In truth, most of the girls were white, the and there was some aberration in their genetic code with a predisposition towards a weak form of albinism. They had white hair and very pale almost glowing skin and might look like a ghost. Of course, you could look at the whole thing as the Nazi Fourth Reich which would last 1,000 years morphing with the Human Genome Project through some sort of Boys from Brazil CIA MK-Ultra secret op. But that’s a stretch. But one would have to examine why there were no black girls amongst The Scouts or any Mother Superiors of African descent. Was it an accident or conspiratorial? However, while there was little variation in the clones, their facial characteristics and body types were associated with a wide number of ethnic types, from African to Asiatic, Circassian, Arabic, Slavic, Inuit, Latin, Milesian and Caucasian.

One Nation had legends, stories, to deal with encounters with bears, bees, roaring rivers, robots, strange occurrences like an ancient Amusement Park coming to life, certainly they had stories about ghosts. So perhaps there had been more encounters, even with The People holed up inside the last remaining Skyscrapers, crumbling for lack of enough female STEM engineers, but they were easily explained away as dreams, hallucinations or visions, encounters which might be retold enough to fit back into those mythic stories.

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