Otherworlds Update, 26 Aug 2016


It’s been a couple weeks and I thought you might like another Otherworlds update.

First, I’d like to say something to all the writers who submitted such interesting pieces over the last few weeks… Richard Menn, Todd Herskovitz, tigger porn, C J Maybery, and Wildcat2030: You folks sure helped to make the kickoff quite fun — thank you all very much! And to everyone else, if you haven’t yet had the chance, please do check out their inspired offerings. :)

Second, I apologize if my earlier idea of a “Writer Bios” tab was too hasty and confusing. Or at least that’s what I figured when no one submitted a bio, not even myself. D’oh! Anyhow, I’ve since deleted that unfortunate tab, but keep reading below for more juicy tab info…

So I’d like to introduce a (hopefully) much better idea: a tab called “The Pub,” which is a category for pieces that are more casual in nature. For example, these kinds of pieces might include random thoughts on fantasy or science fiction topics, informal reviews of books or film, or other things you’d just like to share over a pint. Additionally, “The Pub” will be the home for “Community Q’s” through which we can have a little fun getting to know each other better. Keep your eyes peeled for the first “Community Q” next week. ;)

Lastly, please don’t be shy about submitting your pieces! (Personally I think I’ll be somewhat active in “The Pub” myself since I find it easier to write laid-back pieces.)

Well, that’s it for now. Stay safe, and see you in Otherworlds…

Warm Regards,