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The Return of ClassiCast?

Streamers hint at the podcast’s comeback

This morning Staysafe mentioned the possible return of the popular ClassiCast podcast, which had been covering new developments and all things related to Classic WoW up until around eight months ago.

The streamer had been exchanging DMs last night with Esfand, who hosted him on Twitch after he headed to bed at around five o’clock on the first day of the new Shadowlands prepatch.

ClassiCast, which was created by Esfand, Staysafe and TipsOut, was previously uploaded onto Esfand’s YouTube channel, where we might expect it to reappear although it remains unclear to what extent such podcasts could be seen to fall under the new OTK banner and whether that means any changes in appearance or content distribution.

The founders of OTK had previously discussed launching a new OTK podcast, perhaps once they have their new house up and running. Following the new org’s announcement earlier this week, Rich Campbell explained that the group might arrange for audio versions of podcasts to be uploaded to a new platform further down the line.

WoW players’ appetites for the Classic version of the game remain strong with Blizzard currently testing stages of the notorious Naxxramas raid on the PTR.




An independent publication tracking the activities of One True King, a gaming organisation created by Asmon, Rich, Esfand, Tips and Mizkif

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