Introducing Otono Ecosystem

A Blockchain ecosystem for real world transactions

Blockchain and distributed systems technology has matured considerably over the years. However, there is still not a simple and convenient way to “use” Blockchain services. Currently, a user must have significant knowledge or technical expertise to securely perform simple Blockchain transactions. As a result, mass market adoption and the effective realization of Blockchain’s true potential is painfully challenged.

Announcing The Otono Ecosystem: a simple and secure platform for real world transactions. Because we believe that you shouldn’t need to be an expert to perform simple blockchain transactions, the Otono products and services are specifically designed to make blockchain attainable for everyone. Not just because we created a way to make it possible, but because we believe that it’s necessary:

For the one billion people on Earth without an ID, Otono is the autonomy to identify themselves. For the one billion more who are “unbanked,” Otono is the autonomy to bank. For banks and merchants, it is the autonomy to eliminate identity theft and fraud. For everyone, it is the autonomy to have every economic interaction imaginable, using nothing more than a device, a card, or a fingerprint.

The Otono ecosystem is building a bridge from the traditional economy to the blockchain economy, from the physical world to the blockchain world. You are invited along for the ride!

The Otono ecosystem exists to enable users to own their identity data and bring everyday, real-world transactions to the blockchain economy. With security and protection as its priorities, the Otono ecosystem is positioned to become the leading blockchain ecosystem for everyone, being based on a simplicity that will support mass adoption.

The Otono ecosystem will initially focus on Digital Identity to launch the feature to support both enterprise and Blockchain ecosystems. Otono patented devices will further enable secure storage of identity information, wallet signatures and enable real world transactions. An all-encompassing, interoperability layer and currency agnostic payment systems will enable users to securely make real work transactions with digital assets.

We are excited about the community interest in Otono’s ecosystem and believe that the opportunity and potential of Blockchain will be fully realized before we know it. The Otono Ecosystem will be launching soon and you can subscribe for updates, join us on Telegram and follow us on Twitter.

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