Featured “Staff Pick” in the Samsung Galaxy App store

Otto Radio Brings Personalized News and Podcast Discovery to Samsung Galaxy Users

Listening to Audio News and Podcasts on Android Just Got Way Easier

Finding the right podcasts has always been a tricky task for Android users. That’s because there hasn’t been a dominant app for podcast discovery — until now. But on October 10th, the universe of podcast content and audio news for Android is getting richer. Starting Monday, Samsung will release the Otto Radio app for free exclusively in the Galaxy Apps store.

Look for Otto Radio under “Staff Picks” in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

Otto Radio will be feature as a Staff Pick in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store and within Galaxy Essentials, its exclusive curated selection of must-have apps for owners of Galaxy mobile devices. Other Android users will get access to Otto Radio when it hits the Google Play Store two weeks later on October 24, 2016.

Unlike traditional radio, Otto Radio automatically curates top podcasts and audio news based on the listener’s interests. Now, you no longer need to scan the dial or scour the Internet for what you want to hear. Otto Radio learns how long your commute is and automatically pulls together top podcasts and audio news based on your interests and travel time. Otto Radio provides its listeners with the opportunity to stay productive during their downtime by discovering new podcasts and having their own front page of news read to them in a way that fits seamlessly into their day.

“Our goal at Otto Radio is to serve personalized podcast and audio content that makes what you do every day better,” said Stanley Yuan, CEO and co-founder of Otto Radio. “If you’re a busy person and want to stay on top of the news and other podcasts in your downtime, you should check out Otto Radio.”

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