I have developed a penchant for telling stories with links — with lists of links leading to other links — but it strikes me that some might prefer actual explication in plain words as to what the links are all about.

Today, I was exploring a few new blogs, when I came upon a post I liked, a poem, and I noticed that the poem post bore the tag ‘Crypts’. Inspired, I searched Wordpress for all posts tagged ‘Crypts’.

High up in my search results was a post about Dyson’s Dodecahedron — The Spiral Crypt. Wow! I thought. What a map!

I loaded the map of The Spiral Crypt as the background for a prezi, and proceeded to explore. The presentation is interesting, I think, and perhaps uncharted territory in applying prezi to story-telling.

The prezi presentation is quite involved and complex, of course, so I decided to capture a more accessible storyline via a sequence of screenshots. The screenshots I then displayed as a slideshow on my wordpress blog, wee ditty.

Being me, I also uploaded the screenshot sequence to imgur, embedded the imgur in a post on my blogger blog, Quid Pro Quo, & G+d & tweeted about it.

Oh dear, I forgot to add the G+ post link in the opening list of options!

I hope you might take the time to explore The Spiral Crypt with me in one of the ways linked to this story. I would love to know what you think of the experience!