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Every month we send the best reads on the future of organisations, decentralised and collaborative work and innovative business models. This content is selected from the many links that are shared in my Telegram and Slack groups — mainly from Ouishare, Enspiral, Human Networks Festival and Reinventing Work. You can subscribe here.

Better Work Together Academy

Embracing this future means we all need to build trust, distribute power and create space for new solutions to emerge. To do this well, we all need to learn and develop new critical skills and collective practices. Better Work Together is a community-led professional learning and development platform where you can learn these skills and practice together.

Join us for facilitated online learning and be inspired with new ideas, connect with your peers and discover new tools and opportunities to build a more human future of work.




Ouishare connects people and accelerate projects for systemic change.

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Manel Heredero

Manel Heredero

The power of organisations lies in their ability to engage in collective action

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