Never mind the bollox, here’s the #sharingeconomy

So there I was thinking everyone got the #sharingeconomy thing. Well I didn’t really I just needed a way to start this post.

For me the line between “sharing” and not being a “selfish twat” is pretty clear and by now if I find myself getting lost in tiresome arguments about definition and understanding with regards to terminology I look for the nearest bucket of acid to jump in and kill myself.

“Well that’s not really sharing” or “They are not really a sharing company now” (Yawn)

So what is a “sharing company” anyway? I am reluctant to even continue writing as there has already been acres of web pages and trees turned into paper on the subject. Furthermore I feel like the mouthy unread college student I once was (and still hope I am) when I want to throw things at people using the word sharing and innovation to every situation they find themselves talking about.

“If we share” “when we share” “sharing economy is now worth 800,000,000,000,000,000 and that is said to triple by the end of the paragraph you are reading now.


Who does that really work for? No that is not what I mean. Who really knows what that means? I am quite sure the people I hear saying that on a regular basis don’t know either,

Why do they say it? Who leaves the room and takes a different action as a result of that information? Maybe an investor? “I was going to invest in selfish public school boys and weapons of mass destruction -but now I’ll invest in sharing.”

And another thing… Stop £U<king complaining about how much it costs to share. Which is why it is such a crap misleading term and only gives fuel to people (not unlike like me) to write half baked blog posts and columns about why “sharing economy is not really sharing” — I swear these people are sent by Fox News and the BBC to cause a distraction while things like TTIP don’t get a look in.

While we are having “first year A level philosophy student” like discussions about this at events the rug is being pulled out from under our feet.

Sharing and collaboration are not another way of saying “don’t need to pay” or “tthis is free.” It is like saying “the NHS is “free” when we forget that we pay tax to bank roll the NHS and public transport yet either abuse or don’t use either properly.

Thrown around are terms like “Unused waste = value” or “access trumps ownership” — which makes sense? Yes? Or no?

“I had a really good hoarding session, I tried to cram as much shit into my house, shed and garage as I could” is not something I have heard someone say. Ok, hands up — maybe I do read too much Zen Habits or Life Hacker — but even where I am from in Essex in the UK, where people live to shop, they will describe having “a good clean out” and “making their home look twice as big” as a result of this action — which makes me certain that access does trump ownership.

Unused waste = value.

I’ll be quick here. So in a past life I was a chef, the best kitchens I worked in were the ones with hardly any rubbish in the bins. Produce was ordered thoughtfully, everything was used, recycled and measured. When you worked in a sloppy way you ended up doing twice as much work — for the same amount of money. So it made good business sense for the company and you to be a pro, most places everyone took the rubbish out — less rubbish = less work.

It is about time to wrap this up, don’t waste your time trying to define what sharing and business have to offer each other and why you should get involved. Don’t think what sharing can do for you think what you can do for — !!!! You thought I was going to write “sharing” there didn’t you? What I think it means today is “open, clear, truthful, collaborative, unselfish, well thought out, screw business as usual, peer to peer and not screwing people over for a quick buck. Some people call that last point “sustainability” or if they work in a bank it is called “CSR” I believe it the way to be a good human being.

Mainly because I am crap at screwing people over. The way I screw people over is by being late, committing to too many things or falling asleep. I have never managed to perfect the steel blooded, sell your children, Frank Underwood type of business persona that fans of Dragons Den, The Apprentice and George Osborne seem to think is the way to build a business. Neither do I want to.

So never mind that bollox, here is to sharing!
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