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‘KKEOL’, a cryptocurrency MOVENOMICS community DAPP, is a decentralized and distributed application dedicated to M2E that operates on the Solana platform coin.

‘KKEOL’, operates in the form of FRONTEND + Blockchain SERVER, ensuring anonymity through complete decentralization. So, you can work in a virtual asset ecosystem to your heart’s content.


SOCIALFI blockchain platform using MOVENOMICS

Creators can also run competitions in certain categories related to M2E, such as riding, dancing, pet dogs, fitness, and music for ecosystem participants. In addition, it is possible to invite special Ambassadors to induce the response of platform participants.

Maximize profits through various DAOs that will develop M2E services

Participants in the OUMUA Token ecosystem can participate in projects and generate revenue in a variety of DAOs that match M2E

Provides rewards according to the amount of activity in the service to not only content producers but also content consumers

Compensation is provided according to detailed figures while conducting M2E activities and community activities on a variety of topics.

Utilizing O2O (ONLINE TO OFFLINE) service with blockchain

Participants of OUMUA Token in the ecosystem can use various offline services such as insurance design, related goods lease, sales, and joint purchases related to M2E activities within DAPP’s “KKEOL.”

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