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Ouna is on the move: What we’ve accomplished this week

I must admit, taking on the role of COO is somewhat easier than my commitment to write a weekly blog here. Well, it has been a great week to be honest, from marketing to tech, from investors to our upcoming event tour. Here is my weekly update.

As always there is too much to do, and not enough time to do it. Finding the right balance is the tricky part in every start-up. We all know the saying: if only we could squeeze another hour into every day. In our case, 3 or 4 would be better but hey, that is because we are doing what we love.

Let’s dive into some info and updates.

As you probably know we have been working to figure out several tech issues in order to have a unique product not only in the world of HR, but also on the blockchain. Finding the right combination of decentralization & anonymity is the key. Blockchain just isn’t enough. It always amazes me how good ideas come to life. Sometimes you solve a problem by working till 1 a.m. everyday until you get it and other times it just hits you all of a sudden.

Lucky for us, we had a bit of both. We found the best mix of everything and we now feel confident saying that during the past two weeks we’ve dealt with 2–3 main issues: “Ouna — the first fully decentralized and anonymous human resource Marketplace”.

Working on the development of our product is crucial for us as we hope to keep updating you regularly. I believe we will be able to unveil the new design, structure and roadmap soon. But we have an ICO on our hands and we must keep going if we plan on changing the world — and change the world we will.

So up next, I thought I could give you a glimpse into our upcoming calendar. If you are around, please feel free to reach out. We would love to meet more people from our community, new connections and just great people.

Our Korean and Australian tour will take place between the 19–29 of August.

From the 19th to the 25th we’ll be in Korea — we are taking part at the Blockfesta 2018 conference as sponsors and presenters. Come visit us at our booth. You will be able to sign up and use our assessment tool. This is the 1st time we plan on having live assessments during an event in our booth. We believe people will be blown away when they get the results. This is truly a game changer. I know it will also be a great step for us, when people can actually use our product, feel it, understand it and fully interact with Ouna. We want people to see what we have achieved so far and where we plan on going.

During our visit in Korea we have set up meetings with potential investors and syndicates. We are also planning a meetup on the 20th organized by one of our partners in Korea. Make sure to join if you’re around. We might even have some surprise updates for you there.

We have many people taking part in the ICO and we have the pleasure of working with the team at Alchemist. On the 21st we will have some meetings with investors and companies they have introduced us to. We know they will love the new design. Don’t worry, I will share it as soon as it is ready.

We will arrive to Sydney, Australia on the 26th of August and stay until the 29th. For us, Australia is a special place and we have many good relations there. Investor meetings will take place during this time. We will have meetings with a few funds I can’t name now but hope I will be able to disclose soon in my future updates.

Now that meetings are set, event dates confirmed and flight tickets have been purchased, it’s time to get back to the real job at hand: finishing the new UI/UX of the Ounalyzer and launching our new and updated Ouna website. Our main focus now is to split our website into two. One site, Ouna.io will focus on our company and product whereas ico.ouna.io will focus on the ICO part for the next few months. We believe this decision comes at just the right time as we are looking forward to the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 confident of our mission and vision of building Ouna both as product and a growing company.

If you’ve got any questions or ideas, please let me know. I am looking forward to having you as part of our community.

Visit our website and join our Telegram group to learn more about our amazing project!




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Jonathan Lampert

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