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Sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses, right?

There is no better way to do it than on the job, in Korea, while people are trying out our newly designed ‘Ounalyzer’. Well over 200 people got to try it during the conference in Seoul. I could not be happier to see people just “getting it” — they look at the screen and just start building their personal profiles.

The icing on the cake for us has to be the people’s faces as they get the last bit in place and the assessment information comes out. People were just blown away at the immense detail the system threw at them. Some said that even their spouse doesn’t know so much about them.

We are happy. Korea has been good to us even though a typhoon hit close to my house. Still, weather aside, it sure was interesting and productive. We got to spend time with our friends from Orbs, showcase our product, meet so many different people and discover exciting projects. We are truly blessed to be taking part in this industry at such an early stage and doing this with a product aimed at changing almost everyone’s life (unless you know exactly what you want to do when you grow up or your family has enough money, so you never have to work again).

During the event many people joked with us that they do not need our brochure since we have a working product that can actually deliver value.

We took some funny pictures with Vito Lee and his gang from BRpartners. Also, a small group of us from the Blockfesta had been invited to dinner with the mayor of Seoul. Always an honor being invited to events like this — it was a pleasure and a truly unique experience.

The overall feeling at the conference was positive. For us, the amount of interest from funds and various companies has been excellent. We are really gaining traction and I have a feeling many follow up meetings will be coming our way during the next couple of weeks.

We can even tell you we have had a very interesting conversation with OKcoin and i hope this will also lead to some new updates.

Did I tell you about our ambassador team? No? Really? Well, have to run now. Hope we launch it by next week.

I promise to keep you all posted.




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Jonathan Lampert

Founder and COO of Ouna. Entrepreneur. I live where technology can serve people without compromising on our organic human nature.