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We’re off to Korea

We have been working so hard, I almost forgot to post my weekly, so sorry for the late post. On top of the usual hectic week, we have just finished filming all the founders for a series of short videos we will release in the next few weeks. I felt it is time we put ourselves out there, our names, faces. If we are asking people to trust us with intimate information, I want them to know we are all in this for the long run, right?

You are probably reading this just as we are landing in Korea. Can’t quite explain it but everytime we land in Korea, I get this feeling we can accomplish so many big things. Maybe it’s the fact it is so far from home, the innovation feeling or being surrounded by so many inspiring people. Well, it also helps seeing their eyes shining when they see what we have created.

We have discussed this feeling amongst ourselves during the last few days and have decided to say, what the hell, why not? Let’s try it out. So what is it you ask?

We will try and Vlog daily. Yes, we know how hard it is and hope we don’t regret it. We have hired an amazing editor to help us and we believe we can do it everyday or at least every other day. I love a new challenge and being in front of a camera everyday is definitely something new for us.

But you probably also want to hear a little bit about the actual progress we made in the last few days. Well, let me start by giving you an honest apology as I can only say very few words about our joint venture and investment from Ripio. Might post something soon just about this, but hope you all understand how major this is for us at Ouna. This is not just a vote of confidence but also a substantial investment, helping us move forward into our mission of getting to our end goal and raising our hard cap. Big news that sadly I also can not disclose at this time are concerning an amazing top 5 HR company in the U.S and a top 3 HR company in Japan.

But hey, look at the bright side, you have picked the right project, big news are coming soon. We are excited to see what Australia and Korea have instored for us and our newly designed ‘Ounalyzer’.

Would love to answer questions and hear your thoughts! Come and chat with me and my team in our Telegram group.




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Jonathan Lampert

Founder and COO of Ouna. Entrepreneur. I live where technology can serve people without compromising on our organic human nature.