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Why did Ouna’s ‘Pyramid Assessment Tool’ become the ‘Ounalyzer’?

The pyramid assessment tool is a well-researched methodology, based on 15 years of deep research. For the past few years, the people at Ouna have dedicated themselves to perfecting this methodology and turning it into an intuitive tool that will be accessible to anyone from the average job seeker to the most lucrative enterprises in the world. The result is the Ounalyzer — a powerful engine that transcends the existing market solutions and creates a new standard for job matching accuracy.

While many platforms offer an automated tool that match a candidate with a suitable workplace, the driving force behind the Ounalyzer is not the technology, but the careers and lives of our users. The Ounalyzer’s role is to translate human behavior and personal traits into scores that eventually create long-term success stories and propel our audience’s careers. For this reason we decided to give it the respect it deserves and differentiate it from dozens of tools that offer a similar solution but lack the efficiency and deep understanding of human behavior, rooted in a vast decade-and-a-half study.

Our adamant belief that at the end of the day it’s about people, is the light that guides our teams throughout the way — from product and development to the marketing team that chose to transform the name from ‘pyramid assessment tool’ to Ounalyzer.

Here are a few naming tips from our team:

  1. Keep it short — Don’t use a list of technical terms.
  2. Keep it unique — Avoid using words that are associated with competitors. Even Apple didn’t name their computers Apples. They named them Macs. Lesson learned.
  3. Keep it familiar — That being said, uniqueness shouldn’t necessarily mean inventing a whole new word. In fact, it’s best to incorporate elements that the human mind is already adjusted to.
  4. Keep it active — Try to stay away from neutral words that lack energy. Show that you’re taking action with a strong verb or a powerful noun.
  5. Keep it creative — Whatever you do, be creative. You can use parts of words, change spelling, add prefixes or suffixes. The possibilities are endless but the end result should be one — being memorable.

We’ve followed these hard-learned lessons and re-branded our product as the Ounalyzer. Because no matter how great your product is, if you want people to embrace it you have to capture their attention and spark their imagination. So bye bye ‘Pyramid Assessment Tool’ and hello Ounalyzer!

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