A month to go…

It is practically election year. Yay! It is the real countdown to the Iowa Caucuses. But there are a few questions I have left in the month between now and the caucuses. I am honestly still a little bit clueless. About the politicians, about my opinions, and about the process.

1. How is the Republican National Committee supposed to pick a vice presidential candidate if approximately 80 percent of U.S. Republicans have already run for president? All of the Republican candidates have spent close to a year trying to differentiate themselves from one another. At this point, it seems that Sarah Palin (who has proven to be presidential kryptonite) and maybe John McCain and Mitt Romney are the only Republicans with any amount of name recognition who are not already running for president.

2. Is it possible for Sanders to Obama Clinton? In 2008, Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination. Until she was not. Is it possible for Bernie Sanders to sneak up on Clinton? He has a devoted and passionate base, if they can roll up to the caucuses and primaries…

3. Do young people care enough to go caucus? Me and my peers have strong ideas about who we do not want to be our next president. But in such a crowded field, it is hard to decide who we do want to be president. Why should we have to think about that? Why can we not let everyone else narrow it down and pick between those options? In my opinion, it is important for young people to caucus because it is an effective way to have your voice heard, before being drowned out by the Electoral College. But statistically, young people do not care enough to vote in general, especially when it is not on Nov. 4th.

4. Who should I caucus for? Obviously everyone has an opinion on who should be the next American president. But we are a month out and I do not know what my opinion is. I am thinking O’Malley would be a good president. But I feel very confident that he will not be the Democratic candidate. Should I try to caucus for a winner, or does that defeat the purpose of caucusing? I respect Sanders’ passion and ideas but I do not think he would get a lot of traction in Congress if he was to become president. Does that mean I should not caucus for him? But lately, I cannot get on Hillary’s page, so I will most likely not caucus for her. I have about a month to figure it all out.

4. How do I caucus? I legitimately do not know. What does the verb “to caucus” actually mean? Where do I go? What do I do? I do know that caucusing happens on Feb. 1st, but that is all I got.

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