An Ode to Senator Lindsey Graham

Dear Sen. Graham,

We are so sad you are gone,

But a little happy you are done.

With all those candidates,

There can only be so many advocates!

We liked that you wanted to drink more beer

Your demeanor was so funny and cheer.

You were an Air Force Veteran,

And you treated everyone as brethren.

On foreign policy you were a hawk,

With your serious demeanor and witty talk.

We will miss your goofy ways,

But not everyone can be president these days.

I first met Senator Lindsey Graham behind the scenes at the Iowa Ag Summit in the spring. My fondest memory of Sen. Graham was during the Iowa State Fair, when I drove him in a golf cart to his interview with Wolf Blitzer, live at the fair. He was almost late to the interview because he was chatting with so many people. He was cordial and friendly throughout his visit, I appreciated how candid he was with everyone. During the GOP Growth and Opportunity summit, Sen. Graham noticed me and thanked me again for the golf cart ride.

Well folks, 4 down, 12 more to go.