Dads for Bernie, part 1

So I’ve mentioned before that my father is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Since I’ve known him, I thought he always leaned conservative politically and remember him supporting Bush with signs in our yard. So when I found out he was planning on caucusing for Bernie Sanders, like myself, I was curious to how he had heard of Bernie and what led to his support.

I found time to sit down with him last night and ask him some questions about politics and his life. We ended up talking for almost a half hour, so for today I’ll start out with a few minutes from the beginning of our conversation- when he started thinking about the caucuses, what he thinks about the current Republican field, and what he likes about Bernie Sanders.

I posted our interview on my Soundcloud account, so if you’re also into EDM music, check out who I follow.

The link is about five minutes long. Enjoy.

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