Explaining politics to the children

My nine year old son and I just finished a conversation on the importance of caucusing. I had to explain to him that we do not simply do the popular vote because those voters tend to just follow the crowd. I have had so many people tell me that they cast a vote simply because all their friends voted that way. There is absolutely no way that I will ever tell my children to vote a certain way because their friends are. I do not agree with some of my friends political views at all. I have wrote before that the military is a huge melting pot and some of my friends are on the liberal spectrum. They have brought their views to the table and I understand where they come from. We all have different thought processes on how our government should function.

The political process is one that very few really understand. I have received texts from my friends asking about the caucus. These are people who have voted by simply siding with what their friends vote. Thankfully these friends are opening their eyes to how horrible that practice is. They want to join the political process and feel like their opinions matter and are trying to place a qualified candidate in the presidential race. Last night I sat down and watched the Republican debate on Fox News. We have quite a few options to choose from. All of these candidates really did comment on subjects that were important to my life.

The debate last night was the last one for voters to catch all candidates defending their platform. Ben Carson stood out to me because he has a great heart and this man has never served in the political arena before. Ben put himself in the spotlight and has done quite well presenting himself as a strong contender. I have always enjoyed Ben since his speech condemning President Obama. That shows he has some guts and is not afraid to tell the truth. I would absolutely love to see a Santorum/Carson ticket. Our country would rebound from the last eight years in such a great way. I would feel hopeful yet again.

The Des Moines Register did post their endorsements in this past Sunday’s paper. I think many of Our Caucus writers were probably disappointed in their picks. I know that I was disappointed, but have to hope that the Iowan voters understand that Rubio is not the conservative needed for nomination. I have lived in El Paso and I have seen the damage done by those who enter our borders illegally. I am blessed to know many within the Homeland Border Security and the stories are never ending. I would rather we not give amnesty to those who choose to break a law in order to get into our borders. That approach does not make sense to me. Several of our friends decided to speed the process of citizenship up by joining the military and deploying. That is one way to show loyalty to our flag. Serve this country! Earn your citizenship and be proud of your new homeland. Do not expect to enter this country illegally and start cashing in on government funding.

I have wrote so much about my dislike for Hillary that I will not go back on it, but move forward on my excitement for this coming Monday. I will be the caucus captain for Rick Santorum at my voting location. Writing has always been a passion of mine but giving speeches is not one of my strengths. I have only lived here for two years and am now getting to know most of the locals. To see them on caucus day will be exciting! I hope most of them come out and vote. This whole process has brought me out of my shell and made me more confident in voicing my opinion. Not everyone may agree with my views but I know that I have readers who feel the same.

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