Gun Violence and Abortion

The president can sure put on a show when it comes to promoting his agenda. Gun violence was the main topic the other day that actually made me gag. I saw the president cry for the victims of gun violence, while he has proudly stood in front of a Planned Parenthood backdrop. Both victims of gun violence and abortion deserved to live but another chose to end the victims lives. That is the truth and that cannot be ignored.

I sold firearms for a good while and I know the process that one must go through in order to purchase a firearm. There are background checks, identification checks, records kept, and audits done on a continual basis. Actually, Obama was a big reason that firearm sales skyrocketed. The day after Obama was elected into the White House, there was a line at my counter, to buy firearms before the government made it impossible. At 8 a.m, the first man was there and the steady stream of purchasers never stopped. Most of these applicants were approved, some delayed, and few denied.

There is this process that one must go through before simply buying a firearm. The applicant must fill out a form that provides name, birth date, social security number, address, weight, height, and then properly answer several questions. Have you ever been arrested for domestic violence? Had a restraining order against? Mentally unstable at any point? Felon? Buying for another individual? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you have just denied yourself the right to the firearm. If you lie, the background check will verify that you are a liar, and I will deny you the firearm. The clerk then calls in to complete the check. The information is shared over the phone to an individual who has a national criminal database. Everything you have done wrong is in full view.

One poor old man was denied a sale and was flabbergasted. The only criminal charge he had was trying to cross the Canadian border with a joint. That was in the 1970s when he was 18 years old. For decades, he had been able to buy firearms because there was no system to find that charge otherwise. Now he is not allowed to purchase firearms because of the drug charge. Then we have the soldier who had a drug charge as a youth and will always be denied firearm sales. He can serve in our military because of a waiver but the firearms he is issued will always be returned to the locker storage afterwards. The firearm will never go home with him. I know the waiver policy because my husband had to recruit during 2003–06.

Straw purchases occur when an individual comes in to buy a firearm for an individual and gives it a person who is not legally allowed to purchase or have a firearm. This is an illegal procedure and is what happened in San Bernardino, California. The friend provided the Islamic extremist with firearms fully knowing that the end results would be death to many. I assure you that 99.9 percent of firearm sales are to individuals who purely want firearms for personal protection, sport, hunting, and so forth. I even had a man come in to buy a hunting rifle for his unborn son. I am sure they are enjoying some nice moose hunting now that it has been several years since that purchase.

I am the owner of several firearms and I am a very responsible firearm owner. I have passed the required background checks, taken the proper safety courses, and have taught my children the importance of firearm safety. The importance of firearm safety in my home is not a joke. We are a military family and take pride in the 2nd Amendment. Our Founding Fathers understood the importance of being able to be firearm owners. I will protect my family. That is the best way that I know how. That little can of mace will not stop a moose or bear from killing you, especially if you are blowing the mace at the charging animal with the wind blowing in your face.

Iowa does not really have the threat of huge and dangerous wildlife but we do have the threat of criminals. They are out there and I can assure you that they will acquire a firearm if one is wanted. Whatever the reason an individual wants to carry or own firearms is not up for debate. The Founding Fathers specifically state that it is a citizens RIGHT to own firearms. The president has no right to jump over Congress and pretend he is a king. He is far from a king. More like a bad dream that I have not woken up from.

The conservative side is usually really pro-firearm in every aspect. This group of individuals understands the rights, responsibilities, and rewards of owning a firearm. I do not worry about my family’s safety at all. I am more aware of my surroundings while out and about. I choose to take control of my family’s safety and not depend on a overworked police force to come to my rescue. We cannot expect the police force to be able to stop all crimes and come to the rescue every minute of the day. They are not obligated to come to our rescue. We are obligated to learn the proper ways to protect ourselves, our children, and our property.

With all that being said, I find the president’s overreach a symbol of an attack on my family’s basic rights to protect ourselves. I have been a firearm owner for over a decade and have never had to discharge my firearms in self defense. I most likely will not have to but the option is there if needed. I do not want to be a statistic, I do not want my children to be victims, and I will never let a criminal get to my family without a fight. I have not committed a crime that would stop me from purchasing a firearm, so stop treating me as a criminal. Stop treating all law-abiding citizens as criminals and start telling the truth. Start preaching on how we have tens of millions of aborted babies but you will never shed a tear over one of them. Where are the tears for those who were torn to pieces while being pulled from their mothers womb?

My opinions are mine and I am sure some will disagree with my viewpoints but there is one candidate who agrees with me. Rick Santorum is the guy who is unapologetically pro-life and pro-firearm. We need to turn back to God and see that without God, we find ourselves in times such as these: A society that treats victims as criminals and criminals as victims. The lies have to stop and we must be proactive in bringing positive and healthy change. That change will start when Rick is elected into the White House.

Fun facts for anti-gun individuals:

In 2014, there were 12, 577 actual deaths due to gun violence. This could be homeowners defending themselves from criminals, criminals harming innocent bystanders, police officer related, and so forth. Since Roe vs. Wade, there have been an estimated 57,496,011 babies aborted, according to National Right to Life. A better breakdown is if gun violence deaths remained the same for the next 43 years, the total toll would still only be 540,811 deaths.

Time to pick another topic that is really killing our children: Abortion.

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