I still have some questions.

Brandi Dye
Jan 25, 2016 · 2 min read

A lot of any political campaign is about staying on message, so the voters know what to expect, and hear consistency. But because of that, the same questions keep getting asked and answered. If I had a chance to ask the Democratic candidates questions…

I would ask Secretary Clinton:

  • We all know the policies of President Obama’s that you support, but how do your proposed policies differ from his?
  • Why is 2016 the year you will win the election?
  • What did you say to Planned Parenthood that convinced them to endorse you?

I would ask Governor O’Malley:

  • We all know about the changes you made in Baltimore and in Maryland as whole, but what are some changes you were not able to make that you would like to implement as president?
  • What are you going to do between now and caucus night to convince voters to caucus for you?
  • You have never worked in the federal government, so why are you qualified to be president?
  • If you do not get the presidential nomination from the DNC, would you accept a vice-presidential nomination from one of your Democratic colleagues?
  • How will you shrink our national deficit?

I would ask Senator Sanders:

  • What if a tax on Wall Street speculation is not enough funds for free college and healthcare? What is your backup plan?
  • Explain to me how making college free will not devalue my degree.
  • Why is 2016 the year for a socialist revolution in America?
  • You are an older, white, heterosexual, male. How will you be the face of change and equality in America?
  • What experiences have you had dealing with international diplomacy and foreign affairs?

Will I get any of these answered by caucus night? Probably not. It is way too late in the game to switch it up. Plus, no candidate would ever want to be accused of flip-flopping…

Our Caucus

Voices from Iowa give their take on the 2016 Iowa caucuses.

Brandi Dye

Written by

I’m getting to learn all about the Iowa caucuses as a young black, female. I’m gonna write all about it. You should check it out.

Our Caucus

Voices from Iowa give their take on the 2016 Iowa caucuses.

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