Last Nights’s GOP Debate.


Talk about turning on a dime. I’m not going to lie. For some time in the middle of the debate, I honestly forgot that I was watching a GOP debate.

Without Trump, questions got answered, people were less on the defensive, and everyone seemed to be in a better mood. I could hardly believe, having watched most of the previous debates, how much I was learning about each candidate. With the exception of Ben Carson, I felt like they all had about the same amount of questions, and time — save the fact that the leaders, Rubio and Cruz did receive a minute amount longer.

Undoubtedly, the best two moments in the debate were unrelated to a candidates policies or views. The first, was a video question from a woman in California. When the video was done, they told Carson that the question was for him. This came much to his surprise as he laughed about having been caught Orr guard, along with the rest of the audience.

The second was a one liner from Rubio,

Overall, it was much more interesting and pleasant to watch a Donald-less debate.

I think this may be a huge misstep in his campaign. Giving seven people the opportunity to rip at you without being able to defend yourself is a huge risk. We’ll see how it plays out on Monday.