Our Dad Cried

We just saw our dad cry. President Barack Obama is essentially our nation’s dad and we just watched him cry because people cannot stop shooting one another. Shooting after shooting, citizens have been waiting for action, and Obama took it in a small but meaningful way. Now it is on the Republican list of things to get rid of, along with the Affordable Care Act. The executive order itself seems really small, it essentially narrows (not eliminates) the “gun show loophole,” which allows small-time gun dealers to operate without ensuring their customers have gun licenses.

Hillary, of course, is all about it. Bernie said he agreed with the president and then used it to attack Republicans. Martin said it was a good idea and a step in the right direction.

In my personal opinion, we need to do something about the accessibility of guns. But it is not going to happen. America did nothing after the Sandy Hook shooting; once we as a nation accepted children getting shot in their classrooms, the gun debate was effectively over.

Next week, I am attending the Brown and Black Forum and there is no way that the topic of gun control will not be brought up. I really want a Democratic candidate who will promise to reduce the amount of gun violence in America. We all know how politicians are about keeping their promises, but it would still be nice to hear. I’m sure Hillary will make a strong statement and use her history to support it, Bernie will either say he does not know enough about guns or he will make a promise that would never pass in Congress, and Martin will outline a plan with the intro “We did it back in Maryland.” At this point in campaign season, the Democratic candidates feel like my favorite reality TV characters: I’m invested and generally entertained, but rarely surprised by their statements or actions.

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