Kibera’s integrated community solutions

Photo credit: Mutua

Kibera, referred to as the “friendliest slum in the world” is the largest urban slum in Africa and 2nd largest in the continent. The word Kibera is a Nubian word meaning “forest or jungle.”

Photo credit: Mutua

This community lacks basic infrastructures such as sanitation, water and sewerage systems. Through funding from the Human Needs Project the community has established a one-stop “Kibera Town Centre” operating on 100% solar power, recycling water, ensuring no waste to the already scarce resource in this city slum.

Photo credit: Mutua

The project has empowered community residents who are excited to finally be able to access to basic services and live a dignified life. Through the HNP and active participation of the residents, the quality of the sustainable infrastructure is of high standards and quality. The integrated services have provided a holistic solution to the challenges of living in a slum.

For example The Ariel Laundry Room has brought excitement to many women and men who find that the washing machines and dryers save them a lot of time and energy from the traditional back-breaking task of hand-washing of clothes. The WiFi internet cafe is installed with high speed which has empowered the community in accessing information from across the globe.

This story is telling of resilient African community working hand in hand with community driven NGO’s implementing solutions for the people. These are the warriors that must be saluted.

In order to meet the targets in the Paris Agreement and save the planet from climate devastation, immediately halt new coal, oil and gas development and finance a just transition towards a 100% renewable energy future for all.

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