Youth Brave Up to Climate Change

“With the continued growth of this movement, we will be an example that success is possible, change is possible” Peter- Entrepreneur

Climate change is severely threatening communities around the world. At the heart of climate change movements, are young individuals, spearheading climate actions aimed at enhancing community driven solutions. Youth are standing alongside like-minded activists, artists, and youth leaders to work together on socially viable pathways in the face of the climate struggle.

Photo credit: Leeroy Jason

In Mpumalanga, a province in South Africa, is a town named Ntwane, where young entrepreneurs are standing up and tackling climate change and impacts destroying the community. The youth have started an agri project called Baitsusi (directly translated means those who pick and shake themselves up). The Agri Project was initiated due to a lack of youth-led projects. Now, young people are mobilised to join inspiring efforts, such as Baitsusi, to combat climate impacts.

Photo credit: Leeroy Jason

They work voluntarily as they see the urgent need to keep the environment clean while providing sustainable sources of food. They target mine dumps, degraded areas and revamp these into agri-parks. Through their initiative they have transformed small lifeless parks into beautiful gardens that benefit the community. These include vegetable gardens where they plant spinach, onions, potatoes, tomatoes. This helps put food on the table of community members. In the near future they want a bigger patch to plant vegetables.

They are passionate about working on environmental issues and aim to reach other communities outside of South Africa. These young people have made some visible changes to their environment, making it sustainable space for all to enjoy.

Photo credit: Leeroy Jason

African youth realise solutions explored today mean a safer environment for future generations.

Photo credit: Leeroy Jason

In order to meet the targets in the Paris Agreement and save the planet from climate devastation, immediately halt new coal, oil and gas development and finance a just transition towards a 100% renewable energy future for all.

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