A Life Through Hell

Who here wants to be heard?? And by that I mean by both friends, family and others around you. Well I’ve come here to share some new info about my mental health issues.

I’ve come to have discovered while regaining back facts from my past that really scars me. It’s all those moments and by moments I mean many. And how my parents have treated me and the kinds of things they have spoken in words to me have caused me serious mental health issues!

But there’s way more to explain and I will explain it all tomorrow in a new post with an attached link to a post on my Medium account. Open the link to that post tomorrow and comment on both this post and tomorrow’s! Let me know your thoughts, insights, etc.

When it comes with silencing the mind, one must be able to work on gaining more control which comes with gaining and having enough self control being grey matter in the brain. As for the grey matter has it’s responsibility of being used with self control. Also the hippocampus is responsible for storing new memories and in other words: memory.

If one’s memory may appear to be viewed as lacking or struggling, one may have their hippocampus smaller than it should be. When one becomes depressed, the hippocampus shrinks, and small enough in which can lead/cause negative and very impacting side effects of the mental condition.

And so those with mental illness, will be in recovery for the rest of their lives as well as living with their condition forever. There is no cure for mental illness.

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