Continue focusing on my own mental health recovery and treatment and less on helping my parents change the way they view and respond to the whole mental health subject and supporting me with my mental condition and recovery!

And more on my own mental wellbeing and all the things I’ve accomplished so far in my first 2 years in recovery and much more to achieve and learn throughout my life!

3 Things I’m Grateful For

  1. Mental health
  2. Recovery success in just 2 years so far!
  3. Self care, Self Love, self confidence & inner peace!

What are three good things that have happened recently?

  1. Feeling more better with my mental wellbeing!
  2. Proud of my mental health recovery & treatment success!
  3. Love: self love!

When it comes to dreams, I’ve really felt strong feelings towards each one in which has contributed and linked to my purpose and passion! And with how long I’ve had them, I kept holding onto them, with great hope and strength regardless of how hopeless I felt at times.

Through it all, I’m still holding on and also working on achieving a few but one at a time. After all, dreams don’t work unless you do! So I’m gonna work hard and show the world what I’m trying made of and what I’ve been meant to achieve as my purpose with my life!

Dreams can really go pretty well as long we put in the work and including some extras in which we don’t have control of as well as some unbelievable surprises!

Surprises may not be something everyone likes but it can be great to have a few because they are what even make our life more interesting and fascinating with those thing we never saw coming!

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