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When it comes to discovering our destiny, we feel all too easily to feel overwhelmed and even the feeling and thoughts that we have to continue being in control, keeping an eye out or we will miss our shot. Believe us all when we admit it but it’s something I believe is part of human nature.

Just as it is for dwelling, fixating on the past. It may be part of human nature and all, but if we make it a bad habit, it’s overall not healthy nor the right thing to do. Talking, arguing, fighting about the problem is not gonna help solve the problem. You’re talking about the problem and argue that you both want the problem to be fixed somehow. But you don’t talk about finding a solution.

“Freedom starts in the belief that we are capable of change.” ~ Trish Blackwell

I’ve been thinking the past 3 weeks and have decided to continue using my own control of what its made to change in my life and myself and in result as well as control what I’ve always chosen to control in my life, minus trying to force my own parents and sister with education on mental health and such. Through the 50+ attempts I’ve used, and from what I was told by my therapist, Erin; I can’t force or make anyone change how they view mental health nor anything else.

I can try but at this point now, I just have to keep quiet about the stuff that only those with the proper mental health education would understand, and just let my own family take their own initiative and choice in taking the leap of faith in supporting me. By doing that, they have to “actually” TRY! And so regardless of the stigma around mental health and mental illness, I’m gonna continue to remain a mental health advocate, and continue taking care of myself: physically, emotionally and mentally.

At this point in my mental health recovery, I’ve gained more than just healthy control from gaining more grey matter in my brain, but also more social drive, and slowly/gradually on its own regaining my appetite and thirst back. I have also along with gaining the healthy self control back, I’ve been more than able to control and manage my time spent on social media (I will continue to post either once, twice or three times a day; varying on the days on Happier) but also on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr but still my instagram posts have always been once or twice every week.

So with all my little and big accomplishments throughout my recovery stages, episodes and relapse, I have truly come to be more than just thankful, grateful for, but also happy, proud, confident, and have never felt as healthy as I do now. I finally have more self control of what I post regardless of the few post accidents of my mental health related stories/posts/blog posts.

And I couldn’t have done it without all your support here in the Happier community! Happiers, I’d like to thank all of you for all your support, guidance, awareness, education, advice, tips and much more for it has benefited more than greatly for myself in my mental health recovery and overall rediscovering my true self that I was always meant to be all along!

Thank you, and for all those suffering, and living with mental illness just like myself, keep holding on. And feel free to message any of us Happiers including myself through Twitter, Instagram, email, Tumblr, Kik or other social media/communicational sources! Love you all so very much! Keep up the Happier work!

Life is short, so why waste it not doing what you want regardless of anyone or anything trying to stop you.

Taking chances: we gotta take chances. It’s like our comfort zone, no change happens inside. Except once you step out of your comfort zone, eventually change will happen to you. You will feel uncomfortable and that’s part of what you have to take in order to get positive change in your life.

You want change, you inspire it. You don’t demand it. Reality doens’t work that way anymore. Demanding and forcing any kind of change has never worked. But why do so many people like parents for example still use the same method without realizing they need to use a different, healthier and positive method to get any change for themselves or anyone like their own kids.

Why? Well it’s because they think it’s logical with their way of thinking which they’ve had all their life and believe the other side: their kids or anyone isn’t doing their part or trying hard enough to improve themselves academically, physically, mentally or emotionally.

But if we as kids or anyone on the other side of the parents, we must accept, respect and understand the logic behind why we can’t force better change on them by forcing them to stop following their methods and using their original mindset.

We can try to educate others for example but we can’t force it on anyone. It’s not our responsibility to do that, it’s not our life. Our life is the only one that we have our own responsibility for. You want change, start from within.

I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. And no message could have been any clearer. If you wanna make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself, and then make a change. – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s inspirational words in his song (Man In The Mirror) really have it right on this statement above. It’s not easy to not have the urge or mistake of forcing or demanding any change on anyone or ourselves. But we have to start at the bottom, that’s where it all starts. Everyone is different. We all have our own pace of achieving our goals and everything else.

Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.

Everything you’re made of.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. But stigma and bias shame us all. – (Bill Clinton).

One huge part of the stigma around mental illness is that it makes millions of citizens of society hide their true, real and honest selves because they are scared. They are afraid of the outcomes if they do show their vulnerable selves in public and being open with what they believe in (e.g, mental health), love, who they truly are/want to be (regardless of soicety’s expectations and standards and matching with society’s qualities to become a healthy and responsible citizen of society), and much more.

Letting their walls down, easy enough to be hurt and even killed for any matter. Mental health is truly important and this is part of the understanding logic of why the suicide rate is as high as it is in our current generation of reality.

We think society doesn’t like, agree or believe in the real and truthful logic behind our own beliefs, values, priorities, mental health and more. So in result, we hide our real selves and become the person and citizen of society that they all want us to be. In further result, we end up more unhappy for it’s not the person we want to be.

“If I can’t be who I want to be and do what I wanna do, then I’m not gonna be happy” (Justin Bieber).

This inspirational quote by Justin Bieber is truly a great relation to this current subtopic here. As for society makes us the person they want us to be as citizens rather than the person we want to be, we end up unhappy, maybe even depressed, feeding the wrong wolf:

There are two wolves: one is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. Which wolf wins. In every life case, which wolf are you feeding?
I get things are bad. But what are we doing to fix it?

When we feed the wrong wolf, we are choosing to accept the doom in ourselves and in our own world and just doing all we can to survive rather than not accepting that and doing something about it.

We appreciate it when students to are fond of a teacher.

Means a factors into decision but it cannot be the first priority and that has to be preparation of the teacher puts into lesson plan and what the students take from it.

Cory what are you teaching today? I don’t know probably making something up there. Now Miss Burgess went against school policy. The principal decided what he saw fit. Right and wrong to be difficult to identify sometimes, that’s what you just read in English class. But this is history. What is history teaches?

When it’s a struggle between right and wrong, that’s when the real hero fights hardest.

So for the greater school, it has been decided so I would like to introduce you to your new English teacher.

  • Why is it worth learning anything if you can’t change the world for the better?
  • How are we supposed to be heroes if we can’t anything about anything.

Strength: we all struggle in life and it’s a sign that we are trying. Whether you succeed, fail or even struggle, as long as you’re trying, that’s one thing that truly matters.

It’s better to try and fail than to never try at all.

When we find our destiny, it’s our choice whether we take it or not and what we see that life is trying to tell us. One scenario is those who have had one particular dream for many years and any time after (5–10 years later) life presents you with the opportunity to live it. Most people view and believe that life is saying that it took too long to arrive, so we just push it away. We turn it down. When regardless of how long anything takes, you must stay strong and grab it.

Most things in life only happen once in a lifetime and other opportunities only come once in a while so who knows when you’ll have the same or similar opportunity again. So why walk away, when it’s everything you have always wanted and deserve all the way?

For so many years of our individual lives, we search for our real and true identity and can be challenging and difficult through many times. Yet it’s how we cope and how we bounce back that defines one of the many parts that makes us who we are as citizens and as people of the world

Hope is not necessarily what we used to think it is. It’s actually a plan of how we will stay strong and what we will do to work on gaining closer to our goals or dreams. Even regardless of anything or anyone in reality, stick with what your gut tells you.

When the right time and opportunities come, you will know.

Stay in control: we all appear to lose control all too easily for some of us may have some or enough grey matter in our brains to control our emotions and ourselves and other times we don’t use our control and let it control us instead. And then there’s others who are completely lacking any grey matter in the brain to control anything they say, think, feel and act in their lives. Only making a mess.

But there’s always a way to reverse and retrain our brains to act, think, feel and overall live better. First, you must try and not give up on the first failed attempt. Even if it feels to hard, challenging or impossible. You must stay strong and ask yourself:

How bad do I really want this?

And let that be part of your motivation. The other part of your motivation will be imagining how you’ll feel when you achieve your goals or dreams. It will drive you in the right directions. How will you know you are on the right tracks? Well its a yes and no easy answer. Part of us comes from whether it feels right for ourselves and the other is thinking long and hard whether it’s the right, logical, ethical and smart decision to follow.

Nobody knows

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